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  • 10 Reasons Bone Broth Is More Than Just a Passing Trend

    Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of food trends. In the ‘60s, people went gaga over fondue. In the 1980s, wine coolers were all the rage. Fat-free snacks like SnackWell’s Devil’s Food Cakes flew off the shelves in the ‘90s and every amusement park was outfitted with Dippin’ Dots stands.So far,... View Post
  • Why Choose OWL Venice? Here’s What Makes Us Different.

    In a culture saturated with wellness tips and tricks, how do you know who to trust? At OWL Venice, we’ve spent years creating the most nutritious recipes and sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Here’s a rundown of what makes us different: 1. We only use the highest quality bones. Before GMO... View Post
  • Why We Shop Local + Our Favorite LA Makers

    If you’ve been a part of the OWL family for awhile now, you already know the reasons why we choose to source our ingredients locally. (If not, click here.) But what you may not know is that we also strive to shop locally in all areas of our lives.While many of us have heard the urgings to suppor... View Post