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FAQs & Testimonials

All of our edible products are designed for optimal gut health, which means they are void of common allergens, and instead packed with high quality, nutrient dense ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body.
Our broth elixirs are made with high quality grass fed organic bones and organic herbs and vegetables, all sourced from local farmers markets. Our broth elixirs are designed as a stand-alone beverage, which means we incorporate a wide range of healing herbs and veggies, so the final product tastes more like a tea than a traditional stock.
Our chicken and beef broths are simmered for over 24 hours using stainless steel pots and filtered water, mineralized with apple cider vinegar, and seasoned with sole, (Himalayan sea salt disolved in alkaline water) so the vitamins and minerals from the salt are most bioavailable the body for maximum benefits.
Common Questions:
What are the benefits of bone broth?
The benefits of bone broth have been known for centuries in most every culture, and are extensive. Bone broth mimics the interior lining of the gut wall, so is great for any kind of digestive issues as the gelatin will repair the lining in your gut by sealing any holes. The glucosamine in the broth is great for joint support and the chondroitin sulfate has been proven to help prevent osteoarthritis. The collagen in bone broth is great for your hair, skin and nails, and has been known to help with acne. The magnesium is also helpful in building healthy bonesBone broth is also known to help restful slumber and support memory and overall brain function, as well as help build immunity and reduce or eliminate symptoms of many auto immune disorders. Because there is protein in the broth, it greatly reduces your need for meat and will helps boost mood and energy as your body is getting nourished with easily absorbed vitamins and minerals.
What's the difference between chicken and beef?
Both are incredibly healing and come with their own range of vitamins and minerals. The beef is more nutrient dense, and also has a stronger taste, so it is recommended to start with chicken if you don't consume meat regularly.
How much should I drink per day?
You can drink 1-3 cups a day, depending on your diet. It is recommended to start with at least 1 cup a day.
How long will 1 quart last?
One quart will last 4-8 servings, depending on how much you dilute with water. For maximum benefits, it's recommended to drink a cup of chicken and a cup of beef every day.
How should I drink it?
You can simply drink it in a cup, warm or cold, dilute it with up to 50% water and add lemon and salt to taste. You can also add chopped veggies, or use it as a base in soups, or over rice. 
Bone broth has been an integral part of my healing from chronic digestive, hormonal and autoimmune issues. OWL Venice is the absolute best I have found both in terms of quality, taste and infusion of nourishing herbs, as well as Lindsey's genuine support and love of what she does!
-Jennie Docherty, Lifestyle Blogger
I first learned about the amazing benefits of bone broth from a friend who introduced me to Lindsey's delicious brews. I recently found out I had IBS and been following the FOD map diet, but was still struggling with irregularity. When I made the commitment to do Lindsey's 4 day cleanse, I saw immediate changes for my IBS. The first 3 days of any cleanse are always the hardest. The body is detoxing from sugar, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. Knowing this, I was very patient with my body and listened to it. If I needed a nap, I took one, maybe two. This was a very big deal for me, since I'm a person who always has high energy and doesn't like to take breaks. By day 4, I had all my energy back and felt amazing! It was that feeling of being my most true and healthy self that I hadn't felt in a while. Transitioning out of the cleanse made me rethink what I truly need to nourish my body with. I didn't crave sugar or dairy and was so mindful to be sure to stay away from things my body didn't need. I definitely want to do the cleanse once a month, or every two months as a reset button and to keep acquiring healthier habits! As for the delectable bone broth, I have made it a daily routine that I always look forward to.
-Angelica Neri, Yoga Instructor
Working with Lindsey has been transformative. I had exhibited symptoms of candida for a long time but was having difficulty making the dietary adjustments needed to improve my condition. I decided to invest in my health and paid for a 6 day cleanse without very high expectations. The results, however, were amazing. I detoxified heavily yet I still had a lot of energy. The broths and mylks tasted great, and both my mood and skin improved considerably. Lindsey was completely accessible throughout the process and offered helpful tips for maximizing the benefits of the cleanse. She has a genuine commitment to healing, and her help in developing a sustainable approach to wellness has been a profound experience for me. I'd highly recommend partnering with her.
-Rebecca Prusinowski, Content Director at Parachute
The bone broth has improved my gut health tremendously. I've noticed improvements in my digestion and nourishment, which has helped me get closer to my ultimate goal of gaining more muscle mass. The cleanse was amazing to be on. I was surprisingly focused during the cleanse and once I finished the cleanse I noticed an immediate change in my cravings and outlook on the nutrition my body needs.
-Oscar Salinas, Music Producer
Sometimes my body needs a reset button, we all do from time to time.  That was the reason I decided to try Lindsey's cleanse program, and the results are why I will never go anywhere else when my body is screaming "Reset!"  I felt healthier, happier and more clear-minded during my cleanse than ever before, and never felt hungry or worn down.  A healthy, happy mind and body only spurs the body's want for more, so on top of feeling amazing from the cleanse, I was also working out regularly, writing every day and smiling at everyone I encountered.  Ihighly recommend OWL Venice to anybody who loves to feel amazing in their own skin!  And if you think you aren't disciplined enough to stick to it... Just try.  I thought the same thing, but was pleasantly surprised when I proved myself wrong.
-Andra Kaleps, Sales Exec at Tangram Interiors
Helped me kickstart a period of successfully eliminating salt/sugar/dairy form my diet by showing me how much of hunger was actually in my head and how satisfying it was to resist purely mental urges to eat.
-Roland Eavey, Medical Student at UCLA