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    The Magic of Adaptogens

    Picture this: You're sitting on a cozy couch, sipping a steaming cup of herbal tea, feeling completely at ease. The day's stresses melt away as you find yourself in a state of blissful relaxation. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could experience this sense of calm and balance more often? Wel... View Post
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    Healing Yourself With Mind-Body Medicine

    Have you ever meditated and felt your anxiety melt away? Maybe you’ve become a yoga enthusiast and simultaneously healed your chronic low back pain. These practices, along with many others, are part of mind-body medicine.  Trauma and stress are things everyone experiences in some way or another.... View Post
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    The Symbiotic Relationship of the Gut Brain-Axis and Mental Health

    Have you ever seen something that literally made you sick to your stomach? Have you ever wondered what that nauseating reaction actually is?  Gut feelings, gut reactions, and “trust your gut” moments are indicators that your gut (gastrointestinal system, to be exact) and brain are linked. This c... View Post
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    Calm Energy: Matcha Green Tea & The Power of L-Theanine

    Matcha green tea is taking the health and wellness world by storm. From clearer skin to better mental focus, matcha boasts quite a few benefits that would turn any wellness enthusiast’s head. So we decided to take a deeper look into the potential health boosts of matcha green tea, and what gives... View Post
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    What Is a Health Coach? + Why OWL Coaches Are the Best

    If you’re a health conscious human being, you’ve probably heard about, or even considered finding a health coach to enhance your wellness journey. Health coaching is gaining a lot of traction in the wellness world because as a community, we are coming to the realization that overall health is not... View Post