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  • Digestive Bitters: The History Behind The Remedy

    Are heartburn and indigestion after eating leaving you less than confident that your digestive system can handle the meal you’re about to enjoy? Are you wary of gas and bloating before you’ve even picked up your fork? Maybe it’s time to consider a holistic approach to stimulating your digestion... View Post
  • Meet Luis Briceno

    Meet Luis Briceno: yogi, instructor, massage therapist, and the newest member of the OWL family. Book a digital private yoga session with him and take your practice to the next level. WHAT'S YOUR ROLE WITH OWL AND WHAT INSPIRES YOU ABOUT THE COMPANY? I am the new lead yoga instructor here at O... View Post
  • Stress Eating - No, We Don’t Mean Reaching For Those Cookies

    It’s been one of those days. Traffic was a nightmare. Your boss got on your case about something that was probably 100% out of your control. That coworker was spectacular in proving just how far your kindness and patience can stretch. So were your kids. We get it. At the end of days like that yo... View Post
  • Meet Brennan Woo

    Introducing Brennan Woo: Longtime OWL freelance designer recently turned full-time in-house Creative Director. WHAT'S YOUR ROLE WITH OWL AND WHAT INSPIRES YOU ABOUT THE COMPANY? I am the Creative Director here at OWL. I’ve been working with OWL founder Lindsey Wilson as a branding/design contr... View Post
  • Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

    In a year that keeps throwing curveballs, there is one thing that remains constant and steadfast. Nature. The world keeps turning, we continue growing, and patterns of the earth endure. Each year brings with it the four changes of season and four chances for taking advantage of new beginnings. Th... View Post