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    Balancing Your Blood Sugar: 4 Tips While You’re On the Go

    Summertime means well-deserved trips to your favorite destinations with your favorite people. For many of us, this means indulging in refreshing drinks and delicious delicacies. And while you should take every advantage while breaking free from your norm, you’ll still want to care for your gut an... View Post
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    Understanding the Link Between Your Gut and Your Mind + 6 Ways to Benefit Both

    There is a lot happening in the world at large lately. There’s a lot happening in your personal world all the time. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with what we see on the news, social media, and in our daily lives. Oftentimes we get sucked into routines and habits that don’t support our wellness go... View Post
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    Yeast: A Silent Invader + How to Rebalance Your Microbiome

    As far back into our early years as we can remember, many of us frequently heard how important it is to wash your hands, stay clean, and avoid bacteria that can make you sick. Germs are bad, bacteria is bad, don’t touch that - it’s dirty. And while this is generally good advice for maintaining cl... View Post