The OWL Reset Guide

4 Day Reset 6 broth elixirs + 6 mylkshake packets OR mylkshakes

6 Day Reset 9 broth elixirs + 9 mylkshake packets OR mylkshakes

8 Day Reset 12 broth elixirs + 12 mylkshake packets OR mylkshakes



16oz. Vegan Broth Elixir
16oz. Magic Matcha Shake


16oz. Chicken Broth Elixir
16oz. Golden Ginger Shake


16oz. Beef Broth Elixir
16oz. Bold Beet Shake


one jar = 32 oz. = two 16oz. reset servings

one mylkshake packet = 32 oz. = two 16oz. reset servings

Mylkshake Prep

Instructions: Add dry ingredients (in order) to blender, fill to 32 ounces with filtered water, and blend on high for 2 minutes or until smooth. Prepped Mykshakes must be refrigerated in an air-tight container & will stay fresh for 4-6 days.

Magic Matcha

1½ cups plantain*

1 mylkshake packet

filtered water

*sub 1½ cups banana, 1 avocado, or ½ cup fresh or frozen coconut meat

Golden Ginger

1 cup peeled, steamed, & cooled kabocha squash*

1 mylkshake packet

filtered water

*sub yam, canned pumpkin, or acorn/butternut squash

Bold Beet

¾ cup peeled, steamed, & cooled beets (about 2 beets)*

1 mylkshake packet

filtered water

*sub sweet potato, yam, or steamed carrot

PRO TIP: Add more fruit or vegetables for a thicker consistency.

Broth Reheating





Use a can opener or wine key to pop the seal. Our broths are pressure-canned and are shelf stable for 6 months (do not freeze). Once opened, our broths must be refrigerated & will stay fresh for 7-10 days.

*Please do not freeze your jars as the glass may break. 

Approved Foods

Listen to your body. Not everyone chooses to eat while doing the Reset, but if you feel hungry or low energy, you may introduce any of the following approved foods into your diet.

Cooking Oils coconut oil, olive oil, ghee

SPICES & HERBS cilantro, cumin, dill, dulse, ginger, mustard, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, turmeric

BEVERAGES herbal tea, lemon water, fresh nut/seed milks (not boxed)

FRUITS avocado, berries (<1⁄2 cup per day)

seedS chia seeds, hemp seeds

Protein ground turkey or chicken, sautéed wild low mercury fish, boiled chicken, spirulina, sprouted quinoa

Cooked GreenS collard greens, kale, nettles, sorrel, spinach, swiss chard

Cooked Vegetables beets, carrots, celery, celery root, fennel, peeled squash (acorn, butternut, kabocha, or pumpkin), sweet potato, yams, zucchini
*add in any cooked seasonal veggies you love, too! 

Seasonal shopping lists

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