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  • Slow Roasted Halibut

      With carrot mash and a parsley thyme sauce served with the beet mylkshake Total Time: 30 minutes  |  Servings: 1 servings (plus additional sauce)    Ingredients: 1 (6oz) fillet halibut 2 cups carrots 1 lemon 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp ghee 2 tbsp cashew milk or water  ¼ cup chopped parsley 1... View Post
  • Vitamin D - One Nutrient, Many Jobs

    All vitamins are crucial to having properly functioning organs. We all know that vitamin C helps your immune system, vitamin E assists with cell repair, and vitamin A is for eye health. There’s a whole catalogue of B vitamins that help with everything from brain functions to energy production. E... View Post
  • Eating for Anxiety

    A Guide to Calming Your Anxiety Through Nourishing Food Did you know your gut is often referred to as your second brain? Those butterflies in your stomach when you get excited, or the queasiness brought on by nerves - that is your brain talking to your gut, and your gut talking back. That’s righ... View Post
  • Grain-free Matcha Chia Porridge

    I’m sure we’ve all had chia seed pudding before.. Especially living in Los Angeles! But on those overcast mornings sometimes you just want something a little more cozy. This recipe is quick to make with no prep and is loaded with superfoods. With the chia seeds and flaxseeds you get that desire... View Post
  • Avocado & Basil Gazpacho

    This avocado and basil gazpacho is a quick and easy recipe for a light and delicious springtime dinner. A perfect combination of healthy fats, greens and the OWL Venice beef bone broth elixir. It’s one of those recipes that requires no time and is so satisfying. All you need for this recipe is ... View Post