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The Magical Power of Medicinal Herbs

A question we are often asked at markets and tasting demos is:“Why are your broths called elixirs?”Here’s why: Because we want you to know that OWL Venice bone broths aren’t just an average stock. Each of our recipes was formulated to HEAL your gastrointestinal system and promote holistic wellness.We understand the frustration and discouragement that comes with stomach issues. Being afraid to eat because of the pain that comes afterward is completely debilitating. We know — We’ve been there. So we decided to do something about it.Along with all the benefits of bone broth (gut repair, joint support, increased bone strength), OWL Venice broths are packed with locally-sourced veggies, roots, and medicinal herbs to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, alleviate...

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What the Heck is Oil Cleansing?

  When I was 25 I started getting adult onset acne. I went off birth control and adderral, and my skin was not happy. After making it through high school and college without more than the occasional pimple, I could not believe how much it affected me emotionally. My confidence was at an all time low and I lost all desire to go out in public. Desperate, I tried about every natural skin product on the market and nothing worked.    I started doing some research and stumbled upon Chinese Face mapping, which is based in Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine explores the inner connectedness of the body and examines the root causes of symptoms, rather than treating the symptoms like...

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Try Our Savory Summer Gazpacho Soup

One of our favorite ways to incorporate the broth in the warmer summer months, is with our gut-healing gazpacho soup! It's our spin on this classic dish, super fresh and perfect for the warmer months ahead.  This OWL favorite is packed with cucumber, avocado, cilantro, lemon, and we like it best with our vegan mineral broth elixir. Our bone and mineral broth elixirs are infused with medicinal herbs, and add not only a ton of flavor, but extra benefits as well. In addition to the healing properties in our mineral broth elixir, the cucumbers will keep you hydrated, the cilantro will help to detox the body, and the avocado will keep you feeling full from all the healthy fats!  INGREDIENTS 1 jar...

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Why Bone Broth Should Replace Your Post Workout Shake

It’s sexy being fit, but it’s even sexier when you are intentional with how you heal and support your life with what you consume. Our broth elixirs can be sipped on, used for cooking, healing an injury and for helping to rebuild and support our bones and joints. What if you swapped out your post-workout shake with one of our bone broth elixirs? Here are 5 reasons why we agree with Kettle & Fire and think you should consider: Collagen – Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body. It makes cartilage, ligaments, tendons and even your skin. It helps wounds heal and gives strength to tendons and bones. Proline – Proline is an amino acid found in...

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Meet Colin

Every member of our team is what allows us to share and spread our products with love and intention. Colin brings so much life to anyone he interacts with, and if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with some thoughtful creative content on the spot. Read below to get to know more about this delightful being... What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company? At OWL, I guess we call me the shipping manager, even if it does sound a bit formal for my style. And that is exactly what inspires me about the company…I have my own uniqueness about me, and OWL recognizes that and supports me to be the best version of myself with enough...

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