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Community Spotlight: Meet Stevie Finedore

Meet Stevie Finedore, an LA based yoga and boxing instructor, who describes herself on Instagram as 6 feet of sunshine. We couldn't agree more!  We had the pleasure to sit down and chat, her upbeat personality and zest for life will leave you feeling inspired and as if you are capable of anything. How did you hear about OWL? I met Lindsey on a big group trip to Hawaii with a bunch of friends, that's when I heard about OWL. I have truly seen OWL flourish into this incredible brand and the team behind it I can personally attest to tell you they are some of the most incredible humans I've come across and it shows in the products that...

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Tips on Surviving a Cleanse

We are a society focused on easy, quick fixes, but have you ever realized how limiting this mentality is to achieving long term changes? We have allowed the words "weight loss" to trigger our subconscious that we need to "lose" something in order to feel better about ourselves, but instead the word "loss" implies that we will end up looking for it in due time. What if we simply just set out to take care of ourselves and live from a place of healthy choices and abundance? There is no list of must-dos in order to "survive a cleanse" because at the end of the day, the intention of you embarking on a healing journey like this is to create...

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The Ritual of Cleansing: Purifying the Body From the Inside Out

Life is made up of a series of ebbs and flows. It is a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. We go through what we deem to be pleasant and unpleasant situations and with that are feelings on both ends of the spectrum, which certainly takes a toll on our mind, body, emotion and energy. I have a lot of “things” in my house, and yes, they all bring me joy; yet on occasion, you will see me moving things about just to instinctually return them back to their original homes. We are very intuitive beings, and this subconscious action is the result of an energetic flow being stagnant. Just like we wash our clothes and dishes to take the...

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Introducing you to our OWL Skincare Line

How to maintain that effortless ageless glow: positive self-talk, nutrient rich food and organic potions that celebrate you from the inside out!The skin is the most exposed organ and works 24/7 to protect our body from the environment as many of us tend to neglect its proper care, making it susceptible to sun damage, early signs of aging and skin diseases.There are many products on the market claiming to keep you young forever, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create three different skin serums that simply support you in your life from day to night. After all, beauty is timeless and so are you! There are no fancy ingredients you can’t pronounce, but rather organic oils and essential oils...

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What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

More than ever, our patterns as humans are responsible for the drastic climatechange over the last century. Our activity not only affects weather and climate but also the environment. The biggest catalyst is our ignorance. Our practices and awareness around sustainability have mostly been obsolete. We emit harmful chemicals into the air and water, which increases the temperature of the planet, lowering the quality of the air we breathe and killing forests and aquatic animals.There are definitely some movers and shakers that are trying to create a movement to save the planet. In addition, there are stores, brands and laws that are being passed to help lessen our carbon footprint, but if we want to create real change, we all have to hold each other accountable for...

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