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  • Healthy Soil and Your Gut: Regenerative Farming Effects Gut Flora

    Bacteria in your stomach? Yes. Good bacteria is something you want growing and flourishing in the depths of your gut. Friendly flora is what makes your body function regularly. These colonies develop over time when you are young and are heavily influenced by your environment. It is also incredi... View Post
  • Poor Sleep Making You Sick? 8 Tips on How to Get Better Quality Sleep

    Every morning when that repugnant alarm clock blares its offensive sounds at your face, you summon your favorite four-letter word as you grumble and heave yourself out of bed. Morning came too soon, you don’t feel rested, and all you want is to snuggle up and let sleep take you back under. But ... View Post
  • How to Make Your Favorite Plant-based Mylks at Home

    Almond mylk, oat mylk, hemp mylk, cashew mylk, coconut mylk… the non-dairy options are endless and I love them all. What’s your fave? I’m a firm believer in making your own homemade mylks rather than opting for the mass produced boxed options. Most store bought alternative mylks have additives ... View Post
  • Self-Isolation: Overcoming Loneliness In a Pandemic

    It’s day 187 of quarantine and you’ve lost track of which day it actually is. Is it even still the weekend? You miss your friends, your family, your routine. Sleep isn’t coming very easily and you’re feeling down more often than normal. Living in the time of a pandemic is new to everyone and, f... View Post
  • Pumpkin Curry

    Hello there and welcome OWL wellness lovers!  My name is Kylie Ann Love but you may know me as 'Wild Mamma"! It is with the highest joy that I get to share one of my absolute favorite healing dishes with you all and a little bit about who I am, my vision, and how OWL has been such a huge inspirat... View Post