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The Benefits of Cryotherapy and Sauna

The Benefits of Cryotherapy and Sauna Let’s talk about some of the fundamentals of self-care: hot and cold therapy. When was the last time you dipped into a sauna? Or (if ever) immersed yourself for just a few minutes in an cryotherapy chamber? If it’s way been too long, or never at all, here’s a few amazing facts about hot and cold therapies that will take your health and fitness to the next level. 1. Saunas make you sweat! Sweating is so good for you for SO many reasons. Toxin flush, much? You do if you sweat! Daily preferably. Most of us do not sweat nearly enough on a daily basis as we should. Deep sweating in a sauna helps...

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Meet Our Source: Buy Ranch Direct

We are more consciously consuming individuals than we have ever been before, yet sometimes, we become so hyper-focused on the branding a package has and whether it reads organic or not, that we make a quick judgment on the contents within. Who’s with me? I know I’m definitely guilty of this! If you take a minute to pause and think about all the many hands your food has gone through to get to where it is now, if you’re like me, I bet maybe you would think twice about what you are consuming. We are a company rooted in health, so it is important that we deliver on that always and educate each other on the common misconceptions in the...

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What the Heck is Oil Cleansing?

  When I was 25 I started getting adult onset acne. I went off birth control and adderral, and my skin was not happy. After making it through high school and college without more than the occasional pimple, I could not believe how much it affected me emotionally. My confidence was at an all time low and I lost all desire to go out in public. Desperate, I tried about every natural skin product on the market and nothing worked.    I started doing some research and stumbled upon Chinese Face mapping, which is based in Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine explores the inner connectedness of the body and examines the root causes of symptoms, rather than treating the symptoms like...

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If you were to write a list of people, places and things that you love and care about, how far down that list would you write your name? And if it’s not number one, why? If you were to close your eyes and manifest every single detail of one day in your present life into being, what would it look like? Who would you spend it with? What does the space around you look like? What routines and rituals would you invite in? Would they be the same in the morning as in the evening? What kind of people and energy would you surround yourself with? What would you eat and drink? How would you move? What does it look...

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How to sustain healthy habits when traveling?

Trying to manage a healthy lifestyle while traveling can be hard, but it is not impossible! Stay focused and have compassion for yourself!   It’s no secret that when we are on vacation we like to indulge. Who’s with me? Give yourself permission to live a little. Enjoy the company you are with and melt into those long days, meals filled with love, and company that keeps your soul ignited.   We all have different agendas, and if sustaining healthy habits while traveling is yours, tune in. Food and movement are two key words that come to mind when thinking about staying healthy. Have you ever heard of the phrase it’s 80% what we eat and 20% exercise? Before you...

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