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How Bone Broth Helps You Sleep Better

Insomnia, a common sleep disorder characterized by a difficulty in falling or staying asleep, is a growing problem among adults. Statistics published by The Good Body show that 1 in 4 Americans develop insomnia every year, with women twice as likely to do so. Sleeping is the only time that the body gets to work on repairing itself, and as such, it's essential in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Several studies have shown links between sleep and several brain functions such as concentration, cognition, and overall productivity, and quality sleep has been found to help prevent depression and improve social and emotional intelligence. However, sleep isn't just good for the brain – good sleep is also associated with benefits such as...

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OWL Turkey Bone Broth Elixir: What’s in it, why we love it, and how to use it.

Call us cliché, but we can’t get enough turkey broth this time of the year. Just one sip reminds of all the delicious food we’ll be eating next Thursday… Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, and—of course—turkey. Because we can’t seem to steer our thoughts away from the upcoming holiday, today we’re talking all about TURKEY… specifically, the OWL Turkey Bone Broth Elixir. This broth is one of our customer favorites, and not only because it tastes like the holiday season in a mug. Keep reading to find out what makes our turkey bone broth elixir so unique, the benefits of the medicinal herbs we include in our recipe, and our favorite...

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5 Bedtime Do’s and Don’ts That Will Change Your Life!

The way we choose to spend each day ultimately becomes the way we spend our lives.It’s easy to get caught up in unhealthy behaviors without realizing the huge toll they take on us over time! Because of this, many people overlook the importance of establishing healthy habits, no matter how small.If you’re looking to adopt a wellness regimen, it’s important to understand that change doesn’t happen all at once. It’s okay to take it slow! Make sure your new positive habits last by integrating them into your lifestyle one-by-one.The perfect place to start is with a positive evening regimen! Today we’re breaking down all the do’s and don'ts of how you spend the hours leading up to bedtime.Let’s get the...

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Community Spotlight: Oliver English — Filmmaker, chef, and food advocate

As OWL Venice has grown, we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some incredible people who are dedicating their lives to revolutionizing the food industry, protecting the environment, and making a positive impact on the world.As you probably already know, all of these causes are at the heart of what we do here at OWL. We are committed to creating products that are good for our bodies and the earth. This is why we shop local, use the highest quality bones, maintain a zero waste policy, and surround ourselves with people who constantly inspire us! We’d like to introduce you to one of those inspiring people... Meet Oliver English.OIiver English is a filmmaker, chef, and food advocate here...

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Eating With the Season

Have you ever thought about all it takes for us to get fresh strawberries in the winter or broccoli in the summer? Thanks to modern advancements, we’re able to buy seasonal foods year round... And while this may seem like a good thing, there are actually several reasons why it’s still best to eat with the seasons 3 Reasons to Eat with the Fall Season 🍂1. It tastes better. You may have already noticed that fruits and vegetables aren’t as delicious when grown out of season ⁠— and there’s a good reason for this! When foods are grown year-round, they require ripening agents like chemicals, gas, and superficial heat. This allows them to mature faster, but compromises their nutrition and...

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