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  • Micronutrients: The Importance Of Vitamins + Minerals

      Vitamin commercials on TV might have you thinking that only the elderly should be concerned about getting enough nutrients to stay healthy through their golden years. And while it is important to maintain your daily vitamin and mineral intake as you advance in years, it’s also a critical part ... View Post
  • Buckwheat & Fennel Salad with Slow Roasted Trout

    With sliced nectarines, fresh parsley, green lettuce, sesame seeds and a creamy lemon cashew dressing Prep Time: 10 minutes   |   Cook Time: 30 minutes   |   Total Time: 40 minutes   |   Serves: 4     Ingredients: ¾ cup buckwheat 1 ½ cups OWL Venice Broth 12oz trout 2 lemons (thinly sliced) Fe... View Post
  • Common Food Intolerances + Their Symptoms: Do You Know The Signs?

    Experts estimate that food intolerances impact about 20% of the world’s population1. That means one in every five people are living with the side effects of their daily eating habits. The catch is, many of them might not even know that they have an intolerance.  The Western diet is riddled with ... View Post
  • Blueberry Iced Matcha Latte

    Blueberry Iced Matcha Latte With homemade wild blueberry compote, cashew milk and green tea matcha ice cubes Prep Time: 10 minutes  |  Total Time: 4 hours (for freezing)  |  Servings: 2 Lattes INGREDIENTS 1 ½ homemade cashew milk 1 ½ cups of filtered water 1 Tbsp OWL Matcha Powder  1 cup wi... View Post
  • Longevity Practices — 7 Tips for Living a Long, Healthy Life

    With so much information accessible to you about the best exercise programs and diets that can help you get into “the best shape of your life” or “make you lose ten pounds in five days”, it can be difficult to know where to start and who to believe.  At OWL, we’re not into gimmicks and quick so... View Post