a nutritional powerhouse

great for our skin, protects against free radicals, prevents diabetes, improves mood, and enhances brain cognition


improves memory and lowers cortisol

reduces stress and enhances brain cognition

anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic


aids in digestion, improves memory, and helps treat depression

brightens and tones skin, adds shine to hair

contains spiritual healing powers and is often used to cleanse spaces and spirits


was once used on medical bandages as nature’s neosporin

prevents against food poisoning and contamination, boosts mood, prevents cancer, fights sore throats, and lowers blood pressure


naturally anti-inflammatory

soothes an upset stomach, alleviate muscle pain, and may even reduce cholesterol


detoxifies and rids the body of heavy metals

lowers anxiety, improves sleep, prevents UTIs, settles an upset stomach, and lowers blood pressure


contains high levels of calcium which boosts bone health, rich in iron and histidine

high in vitamin C

potent antioxidant that helps reduce the free radical damage that can lead to premature aging


high in beta carotene, excellent for improving eyesight and helping maintain oral health

packed with antioxidants that prevent against cancer and potassium that lowers blood pressure

Shiitake Mushroom

can help reduce inflammation & aid in weight loss by stimulating metabolism and circulation

have all eight essential amino acids found in meat, so is a great vegan meat alternative

Lion's Mane

contains two special compounds that can stimulate the growth of brain cells

can help strengthen the immune system, stimulates digestion & protects the stomach lining from damage

has anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce anxiety and depression


high in antioxidants making it anti-inflammatory and able to flush out harmful toxins from the body 

helps boost your immune system with high levels of vitamin C

also high in magnesium which can help with a better night sleep!

helps hydrate the body and skin with its high water content


rich in antioxidants and protein, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & anti-fungal properties


contains certain amino acids and digestive enzymes to help break down food, which may improve digestion and relieve gas

rich in iron which may prevent anemia

an iodine rich food which may help in the function of the thyroid

Swiss Chard

a dark leafy green making swiss chard highly nutrient dense

high in fiber which helps with digestion

helps regular blood sugar levels important for disease prevention

may improve bone health and circulation due to its levels of calcium and minerals


an anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense herb, rich in vitamins K, A, and C

contains many powerful antioxidants, which may help prevent cell damage and diseases


can increase oxygen uptake, and help strengthen the immune system & detoxify the body


can help strengthen the immune system, improve digestion & increase circulation

Lemon Thyme

rich in many vitamins and minerals including vitamin C & A along with iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, selenium, and potassium

may help remove toxins from the body with its natual diurectic properties

high in antioxidants believed to have anti-cancer benefits and can promote healthy aging

Bay Leaf

has essential vitamins that may help boost immune system function

naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and help get rid of infections

high in antioxidants which may reduce oxidative stress on the body

Organic Bones

when bones are simmered they extract collagen, gelatin and glutamine which helps repair holes in the gut lining, supports joint pain and skin elasticity

bones are very nutrient rich and contain magnesium which can help improve sleep and help with relaxation and well as zinc which can help with skin health!


Bentonite clay

acts like a binder to remove toxins from the body

has antibacterial properties and fights off various pathogens responsible for disease

has an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium

Triphala powder

Ayurvedic herb, helps regulate digestion by reducing constipation and clearing out the bowels/colon

a natural antioxidant that nourishes and rejuvenates the body’s tissues

rich in vitamin C

stimulates the liver and kidneys, helping to clear the body of toxins and inflammation

Kabocha squash

great source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber

high in Vitamin A which is an important antioxidant that helps cell growth, fight cancer, and for good vision

excellent source of beta carotene and vitamin C as well


anti-inflammatory and great for digestion with their high fiber content

loaded with vitamins and minerals and a great source of several key nutrients including folate, manganese, and copper

may help lower your blood pressure levels


easily digestible plant protein packed with essential nutrients like vitamin K, manganese, and chromium

detoxes heavy metals from the body, restores microflora, and helps eliminate candida


high in resistant starch which acts as a prebiotic which feeds the good gut bacteria in the gut

high in fiber which improves digestive health

supports a health immune system

Hemp Seeds

an incredible source of protein and contain all three essential amino acids

great for the skin and may even reduce the risk of heart disease


packed with antioxidants that help slow the aging process in the body

helps remove inflammation and pain from the body including menstural pain and muscle soreness

Known to help stabalize blood sugar levels and slow the absorpotion of sugar and carbs in teh bloodstream


can help ease joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and symptoms of IBS

naturally anti-inflammatory, and a powderful antioxidant


contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help: Clear skin, Satiate hunger, Boost immunity, Improve vision, Rid the body of chemicals and heavy metals


natually antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties

helps balance the PH in your mouth reducing bad breath

may help detoxify the body of toxins

Slippery elm

beneficial for digestive issues like chronic IBS, diarrhea and constipation, as well as respiratory issues, bladder and urinary tract infections, and even acid reflux