Our Story

Lindsey with family in the kitchen drinking bone broth elixirs

OWL Stands for One Whole Life

The foundation of our company is founder Lindsey Erin’s personal journey to health. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Lindsey committed to living in a way that would minimize the risk of disease. It was this event that began her research on wellness, nutrition, and intuitive eating, and would eventually lead to the creation of OWL Venice.

Initially, Lindsey began experimenting with an organic, plant-based diet that limited meat and processed foods, and found that she was still experiencing constant allergy symptoms, digestive issues, and acne. In an attempt to resolve these issues, Lindsey began a diet geared to treat GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) which incorporated bone broth as a healing agent. After struggling to find pre-made broth that was void of common allergens, Lindsey began making her own bone broth with locally-sourced bones and an array of herbs and veggies. Through months of testing and development, she created a broth recipe that tasted more like a tea than a traditional stock, OWL’s signature flagship product.

OWL currently offers chicken, turkey, beef, bison, and vegan mineral Broth Elixirs that are sold throughout LA county, a 4, 6, and 8 day Reset cleanse program to heal and seal the gut, and an organic, oil-based skincare line. OWL also offers health coaching services with flexible sessions to fit your schedule and budget.

As more people discover the benefits of using OWL products, Lindsey & the OWL family will continue innovating, exploring, and sharing new ways to live better with those looking to transform their health and overall wellness.

Along with OWL’s mission to heal the body, OWL is also committed to healing the environment. This is why they maintain a minimal waste policy that requires the mylkshakes are made-to-order and the broths are pressure canned. All of OWL’s goods are packaged in glass, which is not only 100% recyclable, it is free of chemicals that could negatively impact the flavor and aroma of their products.