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Owl Venice stands for One Whole Life.

Founder, Lindsey Wilson’s journey to health began 6 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Despite the challenge of supporting a sick loved one, the event inspired Lindsey to take control of her own health and began research how to minimize the risk of disease through good dietary choices.

After years of experimenting with organic, vegetable rich regimens that strictly limited meat and processed foods, she found herself still struggling with allergies, digestive issues, and acne. As she continued her search for useful information, she realized many of her issues were likely caused by leaky gut and candida. Inspired by her research and peers, Lindsey began a diet geared to treat GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) which largely incorporated bone broth. Lindsey began making her own bone broth at home, refining the recipe that would become OWL’s signature flagship product.

OWL now offers beef, chicken and vegetable broth elixirs made in small batches with alkaline water and a wide range of locally sourced, organic herbs, roots, and vegetables, mineralized with apple cider vinegar, and simmered in stainless steel pots for 48-72 hours. Each batch is simmered with care and artfully seasoned for a brew that is not only rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and protein, but also delicious. Incorporating OWL’s broths into your daily routine aids in healing the gut wall, improving digestion and in turn supporting physical, as well as psychological wellness.

The success of OWL’s broth operation has recently inspired Lindsey to offer carefully curated 4-8 day cleanse programs.  The cleanse incorporate broth and OWL's gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, organic, seasonal mylkshakes that work to restore the gut, support the adrenals, and enhance brain cognition. The programs also include hand-picked motivational and educational content to make the process as enjoyable and enriching as possible.

In addition to experimenting in the kitchen, Lindsey also created a line of all-natural beauty products that have helped to clear up her skin, and support an all-natural & hand-crafted existence.

As more people discover the benefits of using OWL products, Lindsey plans to continue innovating, exploring and sharing new ways to live better with those looking to transform.
Lindsey, creator of Owl Venice, is a wellness enthusiast, artist and entrepreneur living in Venice, California. She is also an established photographer, designer, and private chef; always looking to learn and create products, photographs, designs, and delicacies that delight and inspire others to live healthy and full lives.
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