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  • Meet Amanda Patnik

    What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company? I am a Holistic Health Coach for OWL Venice and I am most inspired by the passion and commitment to healing within our local and national communities. I love that our reach extends to people all over and that we are collectively ... View Post
  • Meet Dr. Amalia

    WHAT'S YOUR ROLE WITH OWL AND WHAT INSPIRES YOU ABOUT THE COMPANY? I am working with OWL to give clients access to explore their emotional and physical patterns while discovering where they might need to focus on to facilitate balance in their system. We will utilize Chinese Medicine diagnosis ... View Post
  • Meet Ashleigh

    Meet the latest addition to the OWL team of health coaches, Ashleigh Erwin! Ashleigh walks us through her background, what got her into the field of Nutritional Psychology, and the difference between a Nutritional Psychology counselor and holistic health coach. WHAT'S YOUR ROLE WITH OWL AND WH... View Post
  • Meet Luis Briceno

    Meet Luis Briceno: yogi, instructor, massage therapist, and the newest member of the OWL family. Book a digital private yoga session with him and take your practice to the next level. WHAT'S YOUR ROLE WITH OWL AND WHAT INSPIRES YOU ABOUT THE COMPANY? I am the new lead yoga instructor here at O... View Post
  • Meet Lindsey, Our Founder

     We sat down with our Founder, Lindsey, to ask a few questions about how OWL came into being. Enjoy! How did you start your business? I didn’t intend to start an online business - I was making broth for my own healing. I started making some for friends, and when I had a few quarts left over from... View Post