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Immunity Elixir

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    Citrus Immunity Mocktail

    Total Time: 5 minutes | Servings: 1 mocktail fresh citrus, honey and mint with edible flower ice cubes Ingredients: ½ oz honey 1 oz blood orange juice ½ oz lemon juice ½ oz lime juice 1 cup immunity elixir Garnish: edible flower ice cubes, mint leaves Directions: To a cocktail shaker or jar... View Post
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    Protect Your Nervous System: The Power of OWL Immunity Elixir

    Even though the New Year has just begun, you might already be feeling the wear and tear of the day-to-day. All of that stress on your nervous system can leave you feeling run-down and burnt out. It’s times like these that taking preventative steps will bring your body the most benefit. Inflammati... View Post
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    OWL Immunity Elixir

    With the winter months ahead, sickness becomes a common plight among all walks of life. Cold dry air contributes to upper respiratory infections, along with the increased prevalence of illnesses like the cold and flu. It’s no mystery as to why now is the time to take steps toward strengthening yo... View Post