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bone broth

  • Shake Up Your Protein Intake With These Alternatives

    Protein is an essential molecule needed for your body to function. Animal sources like meat, fish, and eggs, have the highest amount of protein. Limiting the intake of animal products is becoming more popular which may have a positive impact on your health. But it’s important to make sure you’re ... View Post
  • Benefits of Bone Broth for Hair and Skin

      When you’re looking for ways to get healthy skin and hair, a nourishing bowl or cup of bone broth might hit the spot. What is this type of broth? Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones, including connective tissue and bone marrow, for several hours or more. Doing this creates a collagen-... View Post
  • Yellow Summer Gazpacho

    A refreshing and cooling gazpacho with roasted yellow bell peppers, olive oil,, onion, cauliflower, yellow tomatoes, turmeric and topped with coconut yogurt, sunflower seeds, soft herbs and olive oil

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  • 5 Gut Nourishing Ingredients You Need To Try

    OWL was founded in the search for gut-healthy foods that not only heal, but nourish. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible so that we can flourish together as a community. So it’s no surprise that we are huge proponents of different ways to promote good gut hea... View Post
  • Kimchi Grain Bowl

    Servings: 2 bowls With shiitake mushrooms, sautéed spinach, roasted cashews, kimchi, sesame seeds and coconut aminos Ingredients: 1 cup brown rice 1 tbsp rice vinegar 2 cups OWL Venice Broth 6 cups fresh spinach 1 tbsp olive oil 1 cup shiitake mushrooms 1 cup kimchi 1 tbsp sesame seeds (... View Post