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  • How Prebiotics Help Probiotics

    Plus A Guide to Rebalance Your Gut   In the world of health, probiotics are a big deal. And for a great reason. Probiotics help lay the foundation of a high functioning digestive system. They are what help good gut flora grow, and keep the bad flora at bay. Essentially, consuming probiotics is ... View Post
  • Creative Ways to Customize Your Daily Mug of Broth

    OWL Venice was founded as a direct result of Lindsey Wilson’s desire to add broth to her daily diet. At the time, she was suffering from gut issues and learning about the powerful benefits of drinking bone broth regularly, including improved digestion. After scouring the market, she was unable to... View Post
  • How I Started My Health Journey : A Note from Our Founder

    The full account of how I started my health journey, discovered the power of bone broth, and launched my small business. My health journey began in 2010 when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Growing up, I always viewed her as the epitome of health. She was a dietician, ate healthy, and s... View Post