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  • 14 Tips to Transform Your Digestion

    If you’re reading this, it would be safe to assume that you have experienced occasional digestive interruptions - you’re not alone. We all have. Whether it’s in the form of bloating, gas, upset stomach, heartburn, abnormal bowel movements, even acid reflux, these occurrences are inevitable. Howev... View Post
  • The Winter Blues: Overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Daylight Saving Time is over, and that means earlier sunsets. Longer nights can take an emotional toll on some people and it can have some serious psychological effects as well. The most prominent mental health condition associated with the changing of seasons is Seasonal Affective Disorder. As w... View Post
  • Poor Sleep Making You Sick? 8 Tips on How to Get Better Quality Sleep

    Every morning when that repugnant alarm clock blares its offensive sounds at your face, you summon your favorite four-letter word as you grumble and heave yourself out of bed. Morning came too soon, you don’t feel rested, and all you want is to snuggle up and let sleep take you back under. But ... View Post
  • Self-Isolation: Overcoming Loneliness In a Pandemic

    It’s day 187 of quarantine and you’ve lost track of which day it actually is. Is it even still the weekend? You miss your friends, your family, your routine. Sleep isn’t coming very easily and you’re feeling down more often than normal. Living in the time of a pandemic is new to everyone and, f... View Post
  • Summer Self Care

    Summer’s here! At OWL we believe in following the rhythm of the seasons to guide our self care practices. July brings us long days full of abundant sunshine, bountiful veggies at the farmers markets and scorching summer heat. During this time of the year we like to focus our self care practices o... View Post