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  • Is Your Lifestyle Helping or Harming Your Gut?

    There is a whole community living within your intestines. If you’re thinking about billions of microscopic people walking around a city with its own infrastructure run by their own form of government (that sounds more like the plot of a sci-fi film with a cult following) you might be in the wrong... View Post
  • 6 Helpful Tips for Establishing Health Rituals This New Year

    Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing to read this. You’re ready to blossom into a new version of yourself, and that is such a beautiful decision. The New Year always brings the desire for new beginnings - full of hope, renewed energy, and a can-do mindset. At OWL we believe a per... View Post
  • Stress Eating - No, We Don’t Mean Reaching For Those Cookies

    It’s been one of those days. Traffic was a nightmare. Your boss got on your case about something that was probably 100% out of your control. That coworker was spectacular in proving just how far your kindness and patience can stretch. So were your kids. We get it. At the end of days like that yo... View Post
  • Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

    In a year that keeps throwing curveballs, there is one thing that remains constant and steadfast. Nature. The world keeps turning, we continue growing, and patterns of the earth endure. Each year brings with it the four changes of season and four chances for taking advantage of new beginnings. Th... View Post
  • Fight Off The Cold & Flu: 8 Tips To Boost Your Immunity

    It’s that time of year again - cold and flu season is upon us, and this year, we have an added sickness to worry about. The common cold can force you to take a few days off of work, and the flu could be a whole week if not more. Both come with aches and pains, runny noses, a cough, and downright ... View Post