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  • Community Spotlight: Oliver English — Filmmaker, chef, and food advocate

    As OWL Venice has grown, we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some incredible people who are dedicating their lives to revolutionizing the food industry, protecting the environment, and making a positive impact on the world.As you probably already know, all of these causes are at the... View Post
  • Eating With the Season

    Have you ever thought about all it takes for us to get fresh strawberries in the winter or broccoli in the summer? Thanks to modern advancements, we’re able to buy seasonal foods year round... And while this may seem like a good thing, there are actually several reasons why it’s still best to ea... View Post
  • What Is Bone Broth?

    If you’ve been keeping up with food trends and modern diets, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about bone broth once, twice, or even a hundred times.Despite all the buzz surrounding bone broth, there are still many people who may not fully understand what bone broth actually is. What is bone br... View Post