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Organic Turkey Bone Broth Elixir

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    Pan Seared Fennel

    Total Time: 30 minutes | Servings: 4 servings

    served on top of a bed of lentils, spinach, thyme, ghee, lemon zest and parsley and pomegranate

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    Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Broth Elixir Gravy

    INGREDIENTS For the mashed potatoes: ½ cup Cashew milk cream, warm 7 tbsp Ghee Yukon Gold Potatoes x 2 lbs, peeled, quartered Kosher salt to taste Flaky salt to finish For the gravy: 1 jar OWL Turkey Broth (4 cups) ¼ cup Arrow root ¼ cup Ghee 1 tbsp fresh Sage, finely minced 2 tsp fresh t... View Post