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  • How to Make Your Favorite Plant-based Mylks at Home

    Almond mylk, oat mylk, hemp mylk, cashew mylk, coconut mylk… the non-dairy options are endless and I love them all. What’s your fave? I’m a firm believer in making your own homemade mylks rather than opting for the mass produced boxed options. Most store bought alternative mylks have additives ... View Post
  • Pumpkin Curry

    Hello there and welcome OWL wellness lovers!  My name is Kylie Ann Love but you may know me as 'Wild Mamma"! It is with the highest joy that I get to share one of my absolute favorite healing dishes with you all and a little bit about who I am, my vision, and how OWL has been such a huge inspirat... View Post
  • Product Spotlight: Vegan Mineral Broth

    Bone Broth has many health benefits that have attracted many people for centuries. A traditional broth is a liquid containing brewed bones and connective tissues. It can be beneficial for the joints, digestive system, and especially our immune systems. Bone broth is gaining in popularity, and we ... View Post