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  • Ritucharya: Why You Should Consider Ayurvedic Seasonal Eating

    There's a reason why eating in season is so powerful. When you eat seasonally, you’re ingesting foods at their peak freshness with the highest nutritional value. Additionally, you’re contributing to the environment by eating what naturally grows during a certain time of year. This supports local ... View Post
  • How to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels This Holiday Season

    We’re all familiar with the effect that sugar has on our bodies. That high you get after eating ice cream or even a bowl of pasta often leads to a crash. Sugar releases dopamine, which can cause cravings to surge and energy to plummet.  Though it creates temporary feel-good sensations, regular c... View Post
  • Cycle Syncing: Improving Gut Health and Your Menstrual Cycle

    Let’s talk about something all of us women experience every month. That is…our period. Some of us love it and feel a divine feminine cleansing. Some experience bloating, cramping, mood swings, depression, and want to crawl under their beds and disappear. Either way, it’s an inevitable part of bei... View Post
  • Watercress & Potato Soup

    With sweet onion, celery, fresh watercress, turkey broth, yellow potatoes, vegan yogurt and topped with a soft boiled egg

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  • Reintroducing Food After The OWL Reset: A Guide on Maximizing Your Cleanse Benefits

    So you’ve just finished your OWL Reset Cleanse - congratulations on taking control over your health and wellness! This is a huge celebration for you and your body. You went to great lengths to rest and restore your gut and mind, and we want to help you ensure that you reap every single benefit yo... View Post