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    Summer Self Care

    Summer’s here! At OWL we believe in following the rhythm of the seasons to guide our self care practices. July brings us long days full of abundant sunshine, bountiful veggies at the farmers markets and scorching summer heat. During this time of the year we like to focus our self care practices o... View Post
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    Ritucharya: Why You Should Consider Ayurvedic Seasonal Eating

    There's a reason why eating in season is so powerful. When you eat seasonally, you’re ingesting foods at their peak freshness with the highest nutritional value. Additionally, you’re contributing to the environment by eating what naturally grows during a certain time of year. This supports local ... View Post
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    Vitamin D - One Nutrient, Many Jobs

    All vitamins are crucial to having properly functioning organs. We all know that vitamin C helps your immune system, vitamin E assists with cell repair, and vitamin A is for eye health. There’s a whole catalogue of B vitamins that help with everything from brain functions to energy production. E... View Post
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    Roasted Butternut Squash & Zucchini Risotto

    This low-FODMAP recipe has a healthy spin on the traditional Italian risotto. I grew up eating delicious Italian food my Nonna would cook in her kitchen. Hours were spent on Sundays at the dinner table with family. I love recreating some of her recipes but adding my own healthy modifications. Thi... View Post
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    Healthy Soil and Your Gut: Regenerative Farming Effects Gut Flora

    Bacteria in your stomach? Yes. Good bacteria is something you want growing and flourishing in the depths of your gut. Friendly flora is what makes your body function regularly. These colonies develop over time when you are young and are heavily influenced by your environment. It is also incredi... View Post