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  • Grain-free Matcha Chia Porridge

    I’m sure we’ve all had chia seed pudding before.. Especially living in Los Angeles! But on those overcast mornings sometimes you just want something a little more cozy. This recipe is quick to make with no prep and is loaded with superfoods. With the chia seeds and flaxseeds you get that desire... View Post
  • Avocado & Basil Gazpacho

    This avocado and basil gazpacho is a quick and easy recipe for a light and delicious springtime dinner. A perfect combination of healthy fats, greens and the OWL Venice beef bone broth elixir. It’s one of those recipes that requires no time and is so satisfying. All you need for this recipe is ... View Post
  • Matcha “Nice” Cream Shake

    We love to start our mornings off with a healthy shake especially when they taste like creamy matcha ice cream! This “nice” cream shake is blended with frozen bananas, coconut meat, spinach, vanilla bean, collagen and OWL Venice green tea matcha powder. It’s vibrant, green, and full of nourishi... View Post
  • Savory Herbed Sprouted Oats

    We’ve all had that tasty bowl of oatmeal in the morning filled with sweet berries, honey and all those comforting flavors. Oats are traditionally thought of as a sweet dish but they are JUST as tasty with savory flavors and something different to try if you are a savory breakfast for dinner kin... View Post
  • Grilled Radicchio, Beet & Watercress Salad

    We’ve all been doing A LOT of cooking from home this year. Creating some of our favorite recipes for our friends and family. Well, this weekend it’s time to get a bit more romantic with this grilled radicchio, beet and watercress salad to serve alongside your main course dish. The colors in thi... View Post