Gold Package

For those looking to elevate and deepen their OWL Reset experience with the added dietary, mental, emotional and physical components included in our Gold Package.

What's Included

  • Reset Meal Plan E-book
  • Lifestyle & Recipe E-book
  • OWL Digestive bitters
  • Video Coaching Tips & Meditations
  • 16oz. Ceramic Mug
  • 16oz. Glass Bottle
  • Daily Gentle Yoga


 The Gold Package works beyond the length of your Reset by properly preparing your body in the days leading up to your cleanse, and helping you ease back into your typical diet in the following days. Plus, daily yoga sessions, health coaching tips, and meditations add a physical and mental element to the cleanse, creating a lifestyle Reset to further deepen your experience.


owl digestive bitters

Our proprietary blend of bitters stimulates the receptors in your mouth and throat, increasing your digestive enzymes so you can better break down food and turn it into nutrients.


Sip your daily Broth Elixirs and Mylkshakes on the go from our 16oz. ceramic mug and glass bottle. Dishwasher-safe!


A 5 Day Pre-Cleanse Plan to get your body and mindset prepared for the OWL Reset, and a 5 Day Post-Cleanse Plan to help reintegrate you back to your typical diet afterwards. 


Make the most of your Reset with short, daily coaching advice and meditation videos with OWL Health Coaches, and a program introduction from OWL founder Lindsey Wilson.


This guide is full of information and advice on diets we’ve tried & what we learned, the healing properties of our favorite ingredients, rituals for holistic wellness, and healthy recipes into your life.


Incorporate gentle movement and stretching with short, daily yoga sessions led by OWL yoga instructor Luis Briceno- perfect for practitioners of all levels, including beginners.


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