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The Roadmap to Whole Living With Autoimmune Disease

You may be familiar with autoimmune disease, but what is it? 

Autoimmune disease is contracted when your body’s immune system attacks healthy cells. There are nearly 100 types of autoimmune diseases. Some of the most common are Hashimotos, Lupus, Arthritis, multiple sclerosis or MS, and various kinds of IBS such as Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease. Symptoms can range from mild to extreme. I bet you can guess what the root cause of it is. 


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It’s way more common than you may think. Nearly 24 million Americas are living with some kind of autoimmune disease.2 That’s a lot of people! 

Another thing to note is that of all the people with one of the many illnesses, three-quarters are women.2

Autoimmune disease has skyrocketed in the last few decades. Experts find that environment, gut health, and genetics are the main factors affecting autoimmunity.1 The good news? This increase results in more research on these conditions, which helps us better understand how to live with them in the most comfortable way possible. 

Our recommendation? Holistic treatment for autoimmune disease.

Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Disease

There’s no way to cure autoimmune disease, but you can make several lifestyle changes to cope. If you focus on it through the lens of functional medicine, you’ll likely have an easier time managing it long-term. 

But where to begin? This roadmap has some key points to help you out.

Lindsey in the kitchen with OWL natural remedies: Digestive Bitters, Golden Ginger Mylkshake, and bone broth in a mug on the counter

Supporting Gut Health

Several types of autoimmune diseases are linked to imbalances in the gut. We aren’t kidding when we say everything goes back to the gut. Once you get that part check, the cascading effects on the rest of your health can be massive.

Detoxify the Body

Clean it out! A hard Reset may be just what you need to bring everything back to a balanced state. Do things daily to maintain. Incorporating superfoods like beets and matcha, getting in a workout, and focusing on digestion and liver care are good places to start. 

Rethink Your Diet

Modifying your diet is one of the most effective ways to regulate autoimmune disease. Food that’s considered “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s best for you, especially if you have a digestive disorder. You’d be surprised how many people react adversely after eating garlic, legumes, or broccoli! The food and beverage industry has come a long way to support those with dietary sensitivities, which makes it easier to make changes without sacrificing taste or nutrition. 

Eliminating Inflammatory Foods

Removing inflammatory foods is the first step when addressing most healthcare issues, especially autoimmune disorders. Food can either harm or help you. You already start with a weakened immune system when you have an autoimmune disease. This makes it super important to be aware of what’s going in your body. 


OWL Supplements on a counter - Digestive Bitters, Gut Sweep, Yeast Buster, and Liver Boost

Herbal Medicine

Conventional medicine may be helpful or necessary for a time, but there may be better long-term solutions. These prescriptions often help in one area but can harm another.3 The best thing to do, is to find the source of the inflammation, then go from there. 

Instead of getting medication from your doctor, have some fun exploring herbs. The healing power of herbs is incredible. Try a turmeric and ginger shake, basil in a salad, or skip the coffee and start your day with green tea, chamomile tea, or even bone broth! The best part is? No prescription is needed.

Natural supplements are another thing to consider. Probiotics, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and support a healthy gut. Discussing your options with an autoimmune disease doctor or healthcare provider is important to prevent unwanted reactions. 

Managing Stress

Do you forget to make time to relax? Stress is a primary trigger for autoimmune disease flare-ups. The health of the mind is just as important as the health of the body. Getting everything in sync will no doubt improve your health and happiness. Give yourself some you time. Slow down, get quality sleep, practice mindfulness, loving-kindness, and other mind-body techniques you like.

How OWL Venice Can Help You

Gut health is one of the main factors of autoimmune disease. And you know that’s our specialty. Our holistic approach, quality of product, and commitment to our community make OWL Venice a great place to start when addressing autoimmune disease. If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall with your illness, we may be the step you need to take back control. 

Getting to the Root Cause

This can be challenging to do independently, but you came to the right place. We follow the guidelines of integrative medicine and wellness because we believe in having One Whole Life, and we want to help you get to the root cause of your autoimmune disease. Here’s where to start.


OWL Health Coaches - Avonne, Mckenzi, and Molly

Step 1: Book A Health Coaching Call 

Our highly trained health coaches have your back to help you figure out the steps you need to take to get yourself on the right path. They’re there to listen, make suggestions, and guide you every step of the way. Learning to live with an autoimmune disease can be debilitating, and having support in all areas of your health can be life-changing.

Step 2: Try the OWL Reset 

The Reset does wonders for the body and mind, especially for immunocompromised people. One of the goals of the OWL Reset is to restore the gut. Since an unhealthy gut is a major factor in autoimmune disease, this is the perfect place to start. The cleanse will remove toxins from the body and reintroduce nourishment. You’ll likely have less brain fog and fatigue. Plus, you can reduce future autoimmune flare-ups! 

Step 3: Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes

One of the reasons the OWL Reset sets itself apart from other cleanses is that it encourages you to continue to make long-term lifestyle changes. When we say lifestyle changes, think of it with an abundance mindset. Yes, there will be things you remove from your life, but you will add so much more quality AND feel better.

Can Autoimmune Disease Be Cured? 

It can’t, but it doesn’t need to define you. 

If you’re living with an autoimmune disease, know that there are a lot of resources and people going through the same thing. If you don’t feel quite like yourself, don’t assume it’s nothing. Talk with your doctor about going through an autoimmune disease symptom checklist to get ahead of it. You’re potential to live a full life exists! 


Lilith Mesidor

Lilith is originally from The Hudson Valley in New York. Growing up in this area made it easy to access the outdoors, and having a healthy, active lifestyle has always been natural to her.  Her sense of adventure and curiosity has taken her around the globe, shaping her perspective on life and human connection.

After graduating from SUNY Purchase College in Westchester, NY, she moved to Brooklyn. From there, she got bit by the travel bug and spent three years traveling on and off all over the world, using NYC as her base. She backpacked solo through South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and parts of the Middle East. After returning from a year-long stint overseas, she moved to Aspen where she spent a winter season on the slopes.

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She currently resides in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles. 



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