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  • Our Favorite Herbs and How to Care for Them.

    Humans have been using herbs as a source of nutrients and healing medicine since prehistoric times. They play a valuable role in ancient cultures across the globe, and are well documented in Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, indigenous medicine, and other traditional holistic practices. While there are... View Post
  • Feeling Cooped Up? Keep calm and read this!

    While some cities roll back their stay-at-home orders, others are extending them. In LA county, we’re looking at another few months of isolation, which means it’s time for us to put our focus on the things we CAN control. We may not be able to change our present circumstances, but we can take res... View Post
  • Do This Activity to Define What Wellness Means to You!

    With the entire wellness world quite literally at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by every new superfood recommendation, fitness routine, and self-care practice. Trust us — We’ve been there! And here’s what we’ve learned: A health regimen that adds unnecessary stress to your life ... View Post
  • 5 Ways to Use the OWL Reset as a Powerful Energy-Shifting Ritual

    This blog post piggy backs off the one we shared last week. So if you haven't read the article 'Boost your gut health with these seasonal foods', we recommend starting there! It will give you a foundational knowledge of seasonal eating and chronobiology, so you can better understand everything we... View Post
  • Boost your gut health with these seasonal foods!

    Spring, we love you. We are ALL about the warmer weather, colorful blooms, longer days, and — most of all — fresh foods. It’s hard to ignore the magical shift that takes place this time of the year, and there’s nowhere that this is more noticeable than at the farmer’s market!  We love checking ou... View Post