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What is Chronobiology?

Chronobiology examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar and lunar related rhythms. These cycles are known as biological rhythms.  All of our products, both our broth elixirs and mylkshakes, have been intentionally curated with Chronobiology in mind, so you are consuming specific foods at ideal times of day to ensure optimal digestion. The term Chronobiology often gets thrown around without total knowledge of what it means, so let’s take a look at with more detail.Our body thrives when it takes in valuable substances at very specific times of the day. We are often exposed to everyday stress, environmental toxins and metabolic disorders that even people with a healthy diet may experience nutritional deficiencies. There is...

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In goop Health May 17-19 // Event in Los Angeles

Our biggest goal for 2019 was expansion. It was finding the right companies and people where our missions aligned, and we could help each other raise our vibration together. No one better than the other, but rather celebrating that each one of us has a powerful voice and message to share, so finding the right platform where we can do that has been pivotal.We believe that the little things count, that good food is the foundation of love and wellness, that the mind/body/spirit are inextricably linked, and we have more control over our health than we currently understand. We believe in quality over quantity and making every choice count. Our mission has been one of healing from the inside out, knowing...

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Our Favorite Rituals

Habits are behaviors or actions that are repeated so often that they become automatic. Practices are a set of actions taken to acquire or improve skills. Rituals are symbolic actions that have a deeper purpose than just the actions themselves. Ask yourself: What aspects of my life do I really love and care about and would benefit from connecting with deeply?                   Know what brings you fulfillment? Then make it a habit.                   Need to improve? Create a practice.                   Want to connect deeply? Design a ritual. Rituals usually follow a system and contain a sequence of actions. We use them to anchor and enhance our well being and experiences. Our approach to healing has been one driven at connecting...

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What's Happening at the New OWL HQ

Community gives you a family wherever you go. It’s those people and missions you feel aligned with, raising your vibration, unraveling your passions, and inspiring your growth as an evolving human being. Venice, California has long felt like home to OWL, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunity to open a space where you can pop in for that big community hug you’ve been looking for.As you walk in the front from Abbot Kinney, you will be greeted with wellness items, like fresh and dry herbs to make a personalized bundle, blankets to cozy up any space, ceramics, because who doesn’t love a good mug, candles, medication pillows, and more... We have specifically sought out to share some...

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Community Spotlight: Meet Stevie Finedore

Meet Stevie Finedore, an LA based yoga and boxing instructor, who describes herself on Instagram as 6 feet of sunshine. We couldn't agree more!  We had the pleasure to sit down and chat, her upbeat personality and zest for life will leave you feeling inspired and as if you are capable of anything. How did you hear about OWL? I met Lindsey on a big group trip to Hawaii with a bunch of friends, that's when I heard about OWL. I have truly seen OWL flourish into this incredible brand and the team behind it I can personally attest to tell you they are some of the most incredible humans I've come across and it shows in the products that...

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