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10 Reasons Bone Broth Is More Than Just a Passing Trend

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of food trends. In the ‘60s, people went gaga over fondue. In the 1980s, wine coolers were all the rage. Fat-free snacks like SnackWell’s Devil’s Food Cakes flew off the shelves in the ‘90s and every amusement park was outfitted with Dippin’ Dots stands.So far, the new millennium has seen its own food trends including cupcakes, sliders, fro-yo, macarons, toast, kale, doughnuts, matcha, poke, pumpkin spice, and — our personal favorite — bone broth.Yes, we admit it… bone broth is all the rage right now. But unlike some of the other food crazes we listed above, bone broth isn’t just a passing trend. In fact, bone broth has been around for centuries and...

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Why Choose OWL Venice? Here’s What Makes Us Different.

In a culture saturated with wellness tips and tricks, how do you know who to trust? At OWL Venice, we’ve spent years creating the most nutritious recipes and sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Here’s a rundown of what makes us different: 1. We only use the highest quality bones. Before GMOs, growth stimulants, and factory farming became the norm in the food production industry, our diets relied on small, sustainable farms that were good for the environment and produced food that was good for our bodies.  At OWL Venice, it’s our privilege to support farmers who honor our land and create products that heal our customers. This is why we only use animal bones that are organic, grass fed and...

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Why We Shop Local + Our Favorite LA Makers

If you’ve been a part of the OWL family for awhile now, you already know the reasons why we choose to source our ingredients locally. (If not, click here.) But what you may not know is that we also strive to shop locally in all areas of our lives.While many of us have heard the urgings to support small businesses, few have taken the time to truly understand why it’s so impactful on our community, environment, and future. But it’s the reasons why we choose to shop local that motivate us the most. Here are just some of the top benefits that come from supporting small businesses:REASONS TO SHOP LOCAL1. It's personal.There’s nothing quite like buying a product from the...

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Our Favorite Broth-Based Summer Recipes

One of our favorite ways to get our broth fix is by pouring it straight from the jar to the stovetop, adding herbs, and sipping it like a warm tea. We’re of the mind that this beverage is the perfect comfort food all year round, but sometimes we like to get a little creative depending on the season.Well, summer’s calling and inspiring us to use our OWL Venice broth in new, innovative ways.Creative Ways to Cook with OWL Venice Broth this Summer1. Vegan Broth on the Rocks. 🍶Okay, so this might not be the most revolutionary way to drink broth, but it’s still one of our favorite treats on warm days. The OWL Venice Vegan Mineral Elixir is full of...

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The Magical Power of Medicinal Herbs

A question we are often asked at markets and tasting demos is:“Why are your broths called elixirs?”Here’s why: Because we want you to know that OWL Venice bone broths aren’t just an average stock. Each of our recipes was formulated to HEAL your gastrointestinal system and promote holistic wellness.We understand the frustration and discouragement that comes with stomach issues. Being afraid to eat because of the pain that comes afterward is completely debilitating. We know — We’ve been there. So we decided to do something about it.Along with all the benefits of bone broth (gut repair, joint support, increased bone strength), OWL Venice broths are packed with locally-sourced veggies, roots, and medicinal herbs to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, alleviate...

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