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Can You Say Yes With Joy?

We are all rooted in busy lives, buzzing from one place to another, putting others before ourselves, sacrificing our health for to do lists and social outings, cramming every possible thing in every single minute of our day. It’s a bit neurotic. I even find that when I get home, I can’t sit still. I practically make a mess just so I can clean it. Anyone else? It feels satisfying to cross things off a list, but isn’t it possible to create contentment in stillness? What is with our need to constantly be moving? It is exhausting! Somehow I manage to run my life like this until I fall into a million pieces, and then I pick myself back up...

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Connect To Your Intuitive Self

The connection you build with yourself is single handedly the most important one. Those moments where everything seems to be working seamlessly as if someone had just put all the right pieces of the puzzle together feels like a dream. When you are connected with your higher purpose and highest self, life is smoother. Your highest self, also known as your true self, authentic self, inner being, spiritual self, speaks to you through your intuition. The practice of connecting to the intuitive self can be rather challenging as we are bombarded with things that attack all five of our senses all day long. When you get that little nudge or gut reaction, you are hearing the intuitive self move from...

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The Beginner's Guide to a Cleanse

The mind and body connection has long been talked about but not always understood. Let’s take this in terms of the mind and the gut specifically. It is said that the gut is the second brain. When you consume food, ask yourself: is it because your stomach is actually hungry, or is it because there is something in front of you that your mind thinks looks tasty? We tend to eat and overeat simply because of the latter. There are new restaurants that are constantly emerging, and thus, we create lifestyles around consuming as a routine and not always consciously. Your gut and brain are connected through neurotransmitters, which in the brain control feelings and emotions. At the same time,...

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Why Bone Broth?

      Did you know that your gut lining repairs itself about every 3-6 days? Even when we are eating super clean, we still ingest heavy metals and toxins that destroy the lining of our intestines causing stomach and bowel movement issues. The answer: Bone broth. It’s the new craze, and it’s not going anywhere. As much as the world shifts around us, the focus on sustainability and conscious consumption continues to grow. We are now truly tapping into what the body needs and learning how to heal it holistically instead of just putting a band-aid on it. Why bone broth you might ask? It is packed with some serious nutrition and ample amounts of protein and collagen. The...

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Social Media (In)Sanity

Happy 2019, OWL Fam! We hope your year is off to an amazing start! We’ve shed 2018 and have walked into a new year rich with possibilities and potentialities. Our theme is brace yourself and pace yourself, if you want to get to where you’re going. And let’s not forget to check in with those pesky stress levels that find a way of creeping into our mental and emotional health. Remember, the way we see the world is pivotal to our success and fulfillment.  It seems more and more that our world is becoming as much virtual (like this post) as it is physical. Developing healthy habits with the very devices we love - be it phones, tablets, computers or laptops -...

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