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What Kind of Broth You Should be Drinking

We’ve talked many times before about the WHY behind the consumption of bone broth, but there are some differences to mention in order to find the right broth for you. Like anything in life, it’s important to incorporate variety so the body never gets used to one thing, but rather it is always working at its optimal level to regulate digestion and have our organs firing on all cylinders. Bone broth at its core can help strengthen and improve digestion, immunity, liver detoxification, joints and cartilage, bones and teeth as well as hair, skin and nails.With so many choices on the market, we often times become paralyzed in our ability to make a decision. A couple of key things to...

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How to Make Moon Soup

If the moon's gravity effects the water of the oceans, and as humans, we are made up of mostly water, wouldn't it be fair to say that we are highly effected by the moon as well? When that rush of emotion or energy within you and outside of you becomes omnipresent, we have no choice but to surrender, to slow down and to root in the very existence of now. There are 8 major moon phases and connecting with the moon can put us in touch with her cycles and rhythms helping us manifest and create our ideal life. The moon is a magical cosmic timer. The New Moon is the time to plant the seeds of your future dreams....

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The Why Behind Our Superfood Superpower Mylkshakes

  When you think about your eating habits, how mindful are you when you consume your food? Do you fully chew your food before you swallow? Often times, we take advantage of our bodies and hope they are able to digest what we take in. Our hemp-based mylkshakes are designed to infiltrate your body with copious amounts of nutrients while also giving your digestive system a break from having to work so hard to break down your food.With Chronobiology and Ayurveda in mind, we have created three different shakes: Magic Matcha, Golden Ginger and Bold Beet. Each shake is intentionally filled with ingredients and superfoods that support your gut health. Our Magic Matcha is loaded with spirulina, a great source of...

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Meet Sarah our Marketing Manager

1) What excites you about working for OWL? OWL feels like medicine for my soul. I was introduced to OWL from a friend when I was diagnosed with a gut infection. Feeling helpless in how to overcome it, I reached out to Lindsey about what I was dealing with it. She took time to answer my questions, hold space for my concerns and offer suggestions when asked. I have single handedly benefited from the products, so I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge that I’ve learned over the past 8 months. Working for a start up has been very humbling as you are an integral part of the business, so constantly being challenged...

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Signs You May Have a Compromised Gut

Our health journeys all vary in differing degrees, and before about 8 months ago, I would’ve said digestive issues were non-existent in my world. But looking back now, I had almost every symptom of a compromised gut that was listed. I can’t even begin to call it ignorance or unawareness because I definitely knew something wasn’t functioning at its optimal level, but I wasn’t in the state of mind to understand.Over 80% of Americans have gut issues – how staggering of a number is that? You, too, may be thinking to yourself, “no, not me.” I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t fully tell you what is normal versus what is not normal, but I do think we are...

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