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  • OWL Yeast Buster - Your Best Defense Against Overgrowth

    Your gut microbiome - a delicate, multifaceted network affected by the smallest changes. The health of your gut is directly linked to your immune defenses, brain chemistry, skin clarity, and other organ functions. If your gut gets derailed, your other bodily systems aren't far behind. Total body... View Post
  • Meet Amanda Patnik

    What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company? I am a Holistic Health Coach for OWL Venice and I am most inspired by the passion and commitment to healing within our local and national communities. I love that our reach extends to people all over and that we are collectively ... View Post
  • Miso Parsnip Soup

    Topped with crispy parsnips, black sesame and fresh watercress

    Servings: 4 | Total Time: 30 minutes 

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  • Pureed Beet Soup

    roasted beets, lemon, coconut cream, cucumber, and ghee topped with coconut milk swirl, olive oil, dill, microgreens and radishes

    Total Time: 40 minutes | Servings: 4 servings

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  • The Ayurvedic and Chronobiology Cleanse Experience

      I’ve been really excited to try out the OWL reset— a cleanse that uses Ayurveda and Chronobiology to craft a 4 day reset using “shakes” and bone broths (and solid food, if you opt to eat while cleansing). My co-founder, Angelica, has done the OWL cleanse multiple times. In fact, it was her fir... View Post