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Meet Avonne Mejia

What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company?

 I am a certified health coach/yoga teacher at OWL and recently became the Community Engagement Manager. I do a range of tasks at OWL and I love the diversity in what I do whether it's coaching, organizing retreats and community events or customer service with clients at the shop. I am so inspired by what OWL has created in the wellness space and where OWL is headed with the brand's expansion into the community with live experiences and potentially expanding the business into more areas across the country. OWL is all about sustainability and alignment with humanitarian values that are close to my heart. I love the motto, "When you feel better, you do better".


OWL Health Coach — Avonne Mejia Coaching


What got you into health & wellness?

I chose a health path after dealing with my own health struggles with digestion, skin and mental health but also seeing my family struggle with diabetes, addictions and various health conditions. My best friend in college went on to become a Naturopathic Doctor and guided me to a healing path during a time when I needed it the most in my early 20's. I chose to go to nutrition school to learn how to eat right and yoga school to learn how to get a handle on my anxiety. Today after 10 years on this journey, the decision of choosing my own healing has given me my life purpose to serve others.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being a health coach?

I love being a guide and inspiration to others to think about their own bioindividuality on a deep level and how positive behavior change of just one person does have the power to change the world. All of our choices are interconnected and everyone is a mirror. Being a health coach feels like being a humanitarian on a mission to create a new thriving planet for generations to come.

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What kind of self care rituals do you have?

I love my yoga practice, cleansing rituals at home through feng shui, journaling, singing broadway showstoppers, very long quiet walks, visting Lake Shrine, forgiveness and skincare!


Have you done the OWL Reset and if so, what was your experience like? Any advice you’d give to someone trying the Reset for the first time?

 I loved the OWL Reset it was so much fun creating the space for a self love ritual like this. I loved the space and clarity this cleanse created for me to hear my own voice and slow down to truly restore. I focused on nourishment from other primary foods during my 4-day reset such as hobbies, family and creative pursuits instead of focusing on what my next meal would be each day. I suggest anyone doing the owl reset cleanse clear space mentally, physically and spiritually to focus in on your intentions for your deeper WHY you want to have a reset. Prepare a week prior with removing excess from your life and have the courage to go slow and rest during your reset. Use this time to be reflective. You would be surpised what comes up if you treat the OWL reset as a sacred practice. 


OWL Reset — Avonne


What mantra do you live by?

Your Lifestyle is your Own medicine


Are there any books, podcasts, shows, meditations, or products that you’re loving right now?

Right now I'm loving creating content for a change of pace as I used to constantly be taking in information from many forms of media for many years to learn as much as I could. I love revisiting many of my favorite books such as Power vs. Force, Beauty Detox Power and Blue Zones and my favorite podcast of 2021 was "Expanded" by Lacey Philips. 

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