Meet Lindsey, Our Founder

We sat down with our Founder, Lindsey, to ask a few questions about how OWL came into being. Enjoy!

How did you start your business?

I didn’t intend to start an online business - I was making broth for my own healing. I started making some for friends, and when I had a few quarts left over from a big batch, I put up a post on a Facebook group asking if anyone wanted any. 600 comments and 100 orders later, I knew I was onto something.

Why bone broth? 

I was focusing on healing some gut issues and read all about bone broth online on various health blogs I was into at the time. Initially, I was trying other broths I found at the store and the local farmers market, but I hated the taste of them. I was also eliminating garlic and onions, and I couldn’t find any broths that were void of these ingredients. I figured I would try making my own, substitute ginger and turmeric, and add in a ton of herbs to mask the meaty taste, which is how I came up with OWL’s signature recipe.

What advice would you give your entrepreneurial self?

Nothing happens as quickly as you think, or you’d like. Trust in your vision and keep going after it. Patience and persistence will be your best friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living in nature with my family, growing all the herbs and veggies for OWL’s products. OWL will be a household name, with a long line of health & wellness products!

What are the biggest lessons you learned along the way?

It’s necessary to take big risks in order to grow, and you’ll never feel ready. You’ll have moments you’ll feel like giving up, find someone to tell you to keep going. It’s about progress, not perfection.

What were you doing before you started OWL?

I was working freelance doing photography, graphic and web design. Before that, I was the marketing manager for a women’s footwear company.


What inspires you about the brand?

I’ve always envisioned OWL growing into more than just a broth company. I really see it as a lifestyle brand/media platform. I’m excited not only to expand the product line in different directions, but also to grow our community, produce more original content, offer retreat experiences, and educate our audience about the power of living One Whole Life!

What kind of rituals do you have (morning or evening)?

In the morning, I have warm water with lemon, green juice in the afternoon, and broth after dinner before bed. At night, I practice oil cleansing as part of my skin care regimen. I also allow time for meditation and daily movement, whether that’s a walk with the pups or a yoga class.

What’s your favorite broth and why?

I love them all, but I always go back to the chicken! It’s golden and buttery and delicious. 

What advice can you give to those looking to start their own company?

Do something that makes you and others feel good at the end of the day. When the universe tests your commitment, which it will, this will get you through it. Also, find mentors, ask questions, maintain a positive attitude, and trust yourself.

Inspired yet? We are!

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