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A Beginner's Guide To Self-Care

Over the last couple of years, there has been increasing talk around prioritizing and investing in self-care and replenishing yourself so that you can overflow into the cups of others. Essentially, Americans are realizing that they are overworked and overbooked. There are even more and more employers who are encouraging their employees to practice self-care as much as possible.

You’ve probably seen or heard references to different kinds of self-care. But if you’ve never participated yourself, then it might be a little confusing as to what qualifies as self-care. You might even think that you don’t have enough time in your busy day to focus on taking care of all of your needs and wants.

The truth is, self-care can be whatever you want it to be. You get to define what it is that brings you peace of mind. And it’s even easier to incorporate into your day than you might think. But if you’re still at a loss for where to start, we have a few suggestions for you. Keep reading to learn some of our easy self-care practices that you can start doing today.

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10 Ultra-Easy Ways To Practice Self-Care


Self-care is more than bubble baths and scented candles (although those aren’t bad options either!). Self-care is also about helping your body feel its best and functioning at its optimal level. We can achieve this by making sure we get all the right nutrients.

Fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help our organs function smoothly. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help support brain function, eye health, liver health, heart health, reducing oxidative stress, immune function, hormone production, gut function, and so much more.

Consider adding a handful of veggies to one or two of your meals per day. You might be surprised at how good this simple practice in self-care can make you feel.

Water is also imperative for good organ function and a healthy body. We all need that morning coffee to operate like a human when we first get to work. And we have to have that glass of wine to unwind from the day. But what your body really needs when you feel like a pile of junk is good, clean H2O.

Your daily water intake will have a positive effect on your body’s overall feeling. You’ll have less headaches, experience better brain function, and enjoy a better mood throughout the day. The best part? It takes no time out of your day to drink more water. Grab your favorite tag-along container and drink up!

The old adage that “laughter is the best medicine” has truth at its core. There are studies that back this claim, showing that social laughter actually triggers an endorphin release. This is your perfect opportunity to advocate for scrolling through puppy reels on Instagram and sharing them with your friends. Go for it!

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Go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sunlight is known to trigger your production of serotonin - known as the happy hormone - and endorphins. Absorbing more Vitamin D with the help of sunlight is also beneficial for those who suffer from depression. Use whatever excuse you need to get your daily serving of sunshine, just be sure to soak it up as much as you can.

Additionally, many cultures hold to the belief that being among trees can greatly improve your mental health. Venturing into nature, whether it be hiking, camping, picnicking, is definitely a great way to get your dose of happiness. Maybe this is already a weekend hobby of yours, but self-care is an everyday activity, so be sure to step out during your breaks at work or during lunch. Who says you can’t picnic with your tree buddy on the regular?

Self-care refers to the entire body, including your mind. Practicing breathwork is something you can do for yourself no matter where you are. Simple diaphragmatic breathing can help reduce stress and anxiety, and helps improve sleep when performing before bed. Who knew that something we do on a regular basis could be so replenishing? When your mind is calm, your body can heal.

If you’re a big fan of books then escaping into another world, another time, someone else’s life story can be the best form of self-care. Sometimes we need to retreat from the present to help our brains turn off, especially when your day has been a doozie. This is arguably another soul-soothing form of self-care.

Perhaps you’re into personal development books, or inspirational biographies of influential, impactful people. Whether it’s an adventurous fiction novel or a fulfilling anthology of thought provoking ideas, books can free your mind from whatever brings you down. Yet another peace-inducing activity to add to your self-care toolbox.

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Not only is exercise a form of self-care for your body, it’s also a dose of love for your mental health too! Getting your blood flowing gives you a boost in serotonin and dopamine. Even a quick ten minute walk can act as a major mood booster. Bonus points if you can take your exercise outdoors for that extra sunshine and Vitamin D boost.

The increased circulation of oxygen to your brain will boost your mood and also help you get to sleep at night, aiding in better quality of sleep as well. Restorative sleep is one of the kindest ways to treat your body, giving it ample time to heal from usage during the day.

Another wonderful way to take good care of your mind is through meditation. No, you don’t have to sit still and cross-legged for a whole hour. Meditation doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes. This is a bonus feature for those of us who are new to this whole self-care thing.

You can do a short body scan in the morning when you wake up to prepare your mind for the day ahead. You can meditate in the shower after a long day at work, while visualizing the water washing away your stress and negative thoughts from the day. You can even meditate while walking, quietly and contemplative.

Cultivating a healthy, positive mindset is an essential facet of self-care. We’ve talked about caring for your body and for your mind. Journaling and gratitude is caring for your soul.

Expressing what’s on your heart can help release any tension you’ve been holding onto. It can also bring you into higher awareness and greater peace as you experience the positive emotions of thanking the universe for the gifts in your life. Peace is one of the best self-care presents you can give yourself.

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Much like taking care to consume plenty of vitamins and minerals, taking care of your digestive system can work wonders for how you feel on a daily basis. A happy gut leads to an enormous increase in your overall quality of life. That’s why the OWL Reset is a staple in our self-care practices.

When you experience the healing power of our organic cleanse, you’ll feel a boost in energy, decreased bloating and discomfort, and kick your cravings to the curb. As a bonus, you might even experience your skin clearing up as toxins are cleansed from your system.

This cleanse comes with an instructional booklet, daily menu, and a shopping list to make your planning and preparation as easy as possible. Unlike most, our cleanse is nourishing, filling, and refreshing. What better way to take care of yourself than by healing your body from the inside out?

Take A Few Minutes

To take care of YOU. Not only will you enhance your state of living, but you’ll be able to return the favor to the universe for all of your peace, happiness, and joy. If your goal is to love yourself more, all you have left to do is take the first step. We’ll be rooting for you.

Julie Weller

Julie is a self-made writer on a forever journey of fitness and health. As a high school music teacher, she has seen and experienced the challenges of maintaining good health while simultaneously balancing a career and healthy relationships.

Julie has always lived a healthy and active lifestyle. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and camping. Over the years she has continued to learn smarter and better ways to take care of her body while continuing to do the things that make her smile. Naturally, all of her teacher friends wanted to know how she did it - what was her secret?

Julie found herself explaining over and over everything she'd learned in her research, and sharing her experiences through trial and error. Her friends would take her advice, try some new things, and then come back to ask how to take it to the next level.

"You should charge for this kind of information!" Became a constant phrase, and so began her career of writing to share her knowledge with the world through health and wellness companies looking to spread healing and healthy habits within their communities. Now Julie gets to combine two of the things she enjoys most - writing and wellness - and use them to affect change in a real way.

When not making music with her kiddos, or writing wellness tips for a higher quality of life, you can find her reading, hiking, drumming, and fitnessing