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    Overcoming Anxiety: The Calming Powers of OWL Broth Elixirs

    No matter what season of your life in which you find yourself, there will always be something that gets to you, eats away at your peace, worms itself into your thoughts. As humans, stress is inevitable because, like the tides of the oceans, life has its highs and lows. This can stem from a big li... View Post
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    Asian Cucumber Salad with Black Rice

    Servings: 4 servings | Total Time: 30 minutes  with rice vinegar, coconut sugar, sesame oil, coconut aminos and white/black sesame seeds served with black rice (cooked in chicken or vegan broth)   Ingredients: 1 cup black rice 2 cups OWL Venice broth 8 Persian cucumbers ½ tsp sea salt 1 tbsp c... View Post
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    Yeast: A Silent Invader + How to Rebalance Your Microbiome

    As far back into our early years as we can remember, many of us frequently heard how important it is to wash your hands, stay clean, and avoid bacteria that can make you sick. Germs are bad, bacteria is bad, don’t touch that - it’s dirty. And while this is generally good advice for maintaining cl... View Post
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    Nutritional Breakdown of Broth & Why OWL Broth Elixirs Are The Best

    You've heard the hype around bone broth for a while now. There is so much information out there telling you that it's THE best way to improve your gut health and contributes to your overall well being. You've even heard it can improve the look of your skin. But if you're someone who is very part... View Post
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    Spring Asparagus Soup (Vegan)

      Recipe:  2 lbs Asparagus, trimmed + chopped 4 cups OWL Bone Broth (Vegan) 2 Stalks Celery, chopped 2 cups Spinach 1/4 cup Fresh Parsley 1 cup Almond Milk 1 Lemon's Juice 1/2 tsp Turmeric, powder Dash of Ginger, powder 4 tbsp Olive Oil, divided Salt, to taste 4 tbsp Olive Oil, divided     Me... View Post