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  • Community Spotlight: Modern medicine woman, Alle Weil of Flora Ex Machina

      One of the many things we love about Los Angeles is the creative energy in the air. It seems as though everyone who lives here is pursuing something they’re passionate about, whether it’s their work, hobby, aspiration, or all three. Most people have inspiring stories to tell about how they came... View Post
  • Community Spotlight: Oliver English — Filmmaker, chef, and food advocate

    As OWL Venice has grown, we’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some incredible people who are dedicating their lives to revolutionizing the food industry, protecting the environment, and making a positive impact on the world.As you probably already know, all of these causes are at the... View Post
  • Meet Lindsey, Our Founder

     We sat down with our Founder, Lindsey, to ask a few questions about how OWL came into being. Enjoy! How did you start your business? I didn’t intend to start an online business - I was making broth for my own healing. I started making some for friends, and when I had a few quarts left over from... View Post