• OWL Reset Meal Plan - OWL Venice
  • OWL Reset Meal Plan - OWL Venice

OWL Reset Meal Plan

  • $ 12.00

At OWL, we’re firm believers that what you eat before and after a cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. To give you guidance on your cleanse journey we’ve created the Reset Meal Plan based on solar nutrition principles to maximize the healing benefits of the OWL Reset. The Meal Plan is broken up into two sections: a 5 Day Pre-Cleanse Plan to get your body and mindset prepared for the OWL Reset, and a 5 Day Post-Cleanse Plan to help reintegrate you back to your typical diet afterwards. Almost all recipes included are vegan, and those that are not can easily be made vegan with suggested substitutions.

The 10 Day Meal Plan includes:

  • 5 day pre-cleanse plan
  • 5 day post-cleanse plan
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Recipes for mylks, soups, salads & entrees