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Community Spotlight: Modern medicine woman, Alle Weil of Flora Ex Machina


One of the many things we love about Los Angeles is the creative energy in the air. It seems as though everyone who lives here is pursuing something they’re passionate about, whether it’s their work, hobby, aspiration, or all three. Most people have inspiring stories to tell about how they came to live in Los Angeles and experiences they’ve had that changed the trajectory of their lives.

Alle Weil is one of these people.

Alle is a business owner, creative, and healer. More specifically, she’s a Holistic Nutritionist, artist, culinary alchemist, and reiki practitioner. OWL’s founder, Lindsey, met Alle when OWL Venice was just getting started. As two entrepreneurial women in the wellness world, they clicked immediately and have been combining forces ever since!


When you get to know a little more about Alle’s background, it comes as no surprise that she’s passionate about nutrition, healthy, therapeutic remedies. She grew up in a family that recognized the importance of fresh, organic food, and when they got sick, they visited TCM practitioners and acupuncturists. Alle grew up between Miami and Maine and would play medicine woman in her backyard, forest and sea line. But as she grew older, her passion for healing became less of an imaginative game and more of a necessity.

Along with battling depression at a very young age, Alle also struggled with painful period cycles and digestion issues. During her college years, she started taking birth control to regulate her cycles. When her symptoms intensified, she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on mood-altering, mind-numbing drugs.

After she began taking the medication she was prescribed, her digestive issues worsened, making it difficult for her to focus on her studies. She became determined to find the root cause of her symptoms and stepped away from her visual arts major in favor of pursuing holistic studies and nutrition. During this time, Alle weaned herself off her medication and birth control and changed her diet, which dramatically improved her physical and mental health. Then, when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Alle moved home to help her recover from surgery. It was this experience that helped Alle recognize her passion for helping others by using natural, holistic healing methods.


After completing her B.A. in Holistic Studies with a focus on food politics, food allergies, intolerances, TCM, and Ayurveda, Alle went on to do additional training in the Science of Nutrition. This led her to a position at a culinary-based academy where she taught and created curriculum to some of their nutrition-based courses. She later focused on the editorial side of the wellness industry and went on to receive her certification as a reiki practitioner. It’s these varied experiences and studies that led to the creation of Flora Ex Machina, Alle’s holistic health company offering counseling, products, and lifestyle guidance.

Flora Ex Machina’s goal is to empower and transform. Alle believes that we each have the innate ability to understand what our bodies need. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy and treatment should vary based on the individual. Because of this, Alle strives to teach others how to reestablish their intuition when it comes to their health so they can be their own best advocates.


As Alle dug deeper into her studies on holistic health and nutrition, she felt called to create products that complemented her lifestyle. Enter: Royal Ghee.

In an attempt to satiate her sweet tooth without compromising nutrition, Alle used Chyawanprash—an Ayurvedic nutritional spread—as her inspiration. She developed two decadent ghee-based recipes that incorporate ingredients necessary for balanced nutrition. The result? A delicious multi-functional food that satisfies cravings without sacrificing health.

Flora Ex Machina’s Royal Ghee is the perfect addition to our bone broth elixirs, and we are proud to carry it at the OWL HQ. Just a small spoonful is enough to add an extra dash of flavor and bioavailable nutrition to a daily mug of broth!


Just like Royal Ghee and our bone broth are great partners, Alle is also OWL’s perfect match. Working alongside her has been so natural and positive! When we asked Alle what One Whole Life means to her, she shared these sentiments that truly resonate with us:

“OWL means community to me. In a day and age where everything is so digitized and impersonal, OWL and Flora share a deep-rooted back to nature approach to health which ties in a very tangible presence and emotional wellbeing as well. From their brick and mortar nestled on Abbott Kinney to their unassuming and eco-conscious glass jars, and personable and passionate team, Lindsay has not only grown a business, she has grown a family that I am honored to be a part of.”


Pick up a jar of the original Royal Ghee to use on everything from popcorn to smoothies, or choose the Royal Ghee Gold for a delicious recipe that supports immunity and reduces inflammation.

You can get to know Alle and Flora Ex Machina better through Instagram and her website. To learn more about Royal Ghee, click here!

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