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Creative Ways to Customize Your Daily Mug of Broth

OWL Venice was founded as a direct result of Lindsey Wilson’s desire to add broth to her daily diet. At the time, she was suffering from gut issues and learning about the powerful benefits of drinking bone broth regularly, including improved digestion.

After scouring the market, she was unable to find a broth that didn’t contain garlic and onion, two foods that she was avoiding as they are known to trigger digestive issues in anyone who is sensitive to FODMAPs.

... But not only was she unable to find broths void of inflammatory ingredients, she also couldn’t find a broth with a desirable taste. After exhausting her search for a pre-made broth, she finally resorted to making her own bone broths at home.

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OWL’s Unique Broth Elixir Recipes

When formulating her own recipes, Lindsey chose to simmer bones with healing herbs, roots, and veggies to maximize the digestive benefits of the broth. Instead of garlic and onion, she opted for turmeric and ginger for their beneficial antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, immunity support, and distinct flavor.

After 24 hours on the stove, the final result was a broth that tasted more like tea than traditional stock, which was exactly what she had been searching for.

Thanks to their one-of-a-kind recipes, OWL Broth Elixirs are the perfect daily sipping broth. They aren’t gelatinous or gamey. Instead, they’re light, herbal, and enjoyable to drink. Each of our broths has its own flavor profile and health benefits, thanks to the beautiful blend of medicinal herbs infused into each recipe.>


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Beef + Lavender + Rosemary
Bison + Lion’s Mane + Turmeric
Chicken + Lavender + Cilantro
Turkey + Kabocha + Sage
Vegan + Herbs + Mushroom + Seaweed

Ways to Dress up Your OWL Broth Elixirs

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking your OWL Broth exactly as it comes, we can’t help but get a little creative with our daily dose of elixir. Some days we feel called to keep it simple, and other days it's like we’re putting everything but the kitchen sink in our mug!

If you feel inspired to make your broth elixirs your own, we always recommend beginning by adding in some fresh herbs that are already in the broth. For example, add cilantro to your Chicken Bone Broth Elixir or rosemary to your Beef Bone Broth Elixir.

And don’t forget to spin your jar around and take a closer at the label... This will open up a whole new world of possibilities!

In most of our broths you’ll find delicious herbs like parsley, sage, and thyme, which are a natural addition if you’re looking to add in some more flavor.

Ready to take things to the next level? A spritz of citrus is the perfect complement to OWL Broth Elixirs. Lemon and lime are our go-tos on the days we’re craving something a little more tangy.

If you’re drinking broth to soothe indigestion, be careful with this one! Some spices can trigger gut issues, but if you stick to salt and cumin, you should be a-okay.

But if you’re sipping broth daily as a wellness ritual, feel free to get a little creative. Add in a dusting of your favorite seasonings until you find a combo you’re ga-ga for. Go even more wild and top the whole thing off with some diced green onions.

OWL Broth Elixir’s best friends…
When it comes to adding some variety to your daily mug of broth, you really can’t go wrong with the tips and tricks we shared above. But if you really want to get fancy, there are a couple additives that will give your broth an extra punch of nutrients and flavor.

Philosophie’s Green Dream - This gorgeous powder contains spirulina and offers nutrients like iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B-12, and protein. It’s slightly sweet/savory flavors blend right into OWL Broth Elixirs and add an extra layer of interest.

Ghee - This lactose-free Ayurvedic clarified butter boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, and tastes amazing! When added to our broth elixirs it adds an earthy flavor and buttery texture.

Make it your own

Don't forget that you can mix and match each of these categories. For example, we love lemon + salt, cilantro + lime, and ghee + cumin.

We encourage you to use this as a time to experiment, explore, and be creative. And when you find your winning combination, please share it with us by posting it in your IG story and tagging @owlvenice!  

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