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All About Our Sustainability Practices + How You Can Help!

At OWL Venice, we believe that to heal the world you must first heal yourself. While our mission focuses on nourishing individuals, our ultimate goal is to make an impact on a larger scale. We put love into everything we do in hopes that it will touch our customers on a personal level and inspire them to live lifestyles rooted in wellness, intention, and sustainability. (More on that here.)


Did you know that food and packaging/containers account for almost 45% of the materials landfilled in the United States? It’s true. This frightening statistic comes directly from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and calls for a dramatic reduction in food and packaging waste. This applies to restaurants, food producers, and individual homes.

When it comes to food production, a couple of the greatest causes of unnecessary waste are:

  • Spoiled food (both from inefficient sourcing and packaging)
  • Non-recyclable packaging

At OWL, we’ve tackled both of these issues head on. As we’ve grown, we’ve established production policies that reduce food waste and use sustainable packaging that preserves our product more effectively.

3 Ways OWL Prevents Food Waste:

  • No Produce Left Behind. We place orders for fresh ingredients every week, and quantities are based on our production schedule. This ensures nothing goes to waste. 
  • 6+ Month Shelf Life. OWL Broth Elixirs are pressure canned, making it less likely that they will expire before they are purchased and enjoyed.
  • Made-to-Order. Because OWL Hemp Mylkshakes stay fresh just 4-6 days after they are prepared, shakes ordered locally are made-to-order. We maintain a low stock of shakes at the OWL HQ, and any shakes that aren’t purchased are used for free samples before they expire. Shipped mylkshakes are sent in powder form and have a shelf life of 6+ months until they are prepped. 

3 Ways OWL Prevents Packaging Waste:

  • Glass > Plastic. All of OWL’s products are packaged in glass. Broth elixirs and mylkshakes are packaged in 32oz mason jars that can be reused, recycled, or returned. OWL skincare is also packaged in glass bottles.
  • No Cold Packs. Because our broths are pressure canned, they do not need to be refrigerated before they are opened. This eliminates the need to include cold packs and styrofoam in our shipped orders.
  • Compostable/Recyclable Shipping Materials. When shipped, OWL products are protected by compostable peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. Yes, bubble wrap — Hear us out! In order to reduce the amount of product damaged in shipping (another form of waste) it’s essential that we protect our jars, and bubble wrap is the only thing we've found that done the job properly. We encourage our customers to recycle or reuse this bubble wrap to prevent waste. (Know of a better alternative? Please share! We’re on the hunt for a non-plastic option!)


It’s no secret that factory farming is detrimental to our environment. It increases water pollution, deforestation, air pollution, monocultures, and fossil fuel and carbon emissions. As a part of the food industry, we believe it is our duty to make a difference by being intentional about where we source our ingredients. 

Our Top 3 Sustainable Suppliers:

  • Buy Ranch Direct. The bones used in our broths come from Buy Ranch Direct, a cooperative of family owned and operated ranch in Northern California. All of the bones we use are 100% grass-fed, grass-finished, and free-range.
  • Gourmet Specialties. All of the herbs used in our recipes come from Gourmet Specialties, a local wholesale company specializing in organic food.
  • Heath and Lejuene. All of the produce in our recipes is sourced through Heath & Lejeune, a distribution company located in downtown Los Angeles that serves the organic produce community. 


Always remember that you have the power to make a difference! Here are some things you can do to prevent food and packaging waste and save the environment.

5 Ways You Can Prevent Food/Packaging Waste:

  • Use Reusable Bags. Plastic bags are one of the greatest threats to our environment. They end up in landfills, or even worse, in the environment. Invest in reusable bags and use them any time you go shopping! 
  • Recycle. Not everything belongs in the trash! Pay close attention to your waste and be sure to dispose of different materials accordingly.
  • Bring Your Own. Keep your own reusable coffee cups, cutlery, and food containers on hand when you have to take a meal to-go.
    • Shop at the Farmers Market. Supporting local farms will not only benefit the environment, it’ll improve your health, save money, and support small businesses!
    • Support Sustainable Small Businesses. Whenever possible, shop locally at businesses with values you believe in. By supporting them with your business, you’ll be directly contributing to causes that matter to you. (Read more reasons to shop sustainably here.)

    Thank you for caring about our planet and doing your part to protect it! We are so proud to be a part of a community that is pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s because of your support that we are able to pursue our passion for healing, wellness, and sustainability. We appreciate you!

    In health,
    The OWL Fam