Connect To Your Intuitive Self

The connection you build with yourself is single handedly the most important one. Those moments where everything seems to be working seamlessly as if someone had just put all the right pieces of the puzzle together feels like a dream. When you are connected with your higher purpose and highest self, life is smoother.

Your highest self, also known as your true self, authentic self, inner being, spiritual self, speaks to you through your intuition. The practice of connecting to the intuitive self can be rather challenging as we are bombarded with things that attack all five of our senses all day long. When you get that little nudge or gut reaction, you are hearing the intuitive self move from the subconscious into the conscious. 

Your inner being is that part in you that knows WHY you are here on this earth. Isn’t that an interesting concept to surrender to? We’ve been cultured to work to live, but what happens when we live to work, and our work is simply just our passion and higher purpose? Some people will spend this entire life chasing after money or paths they think they should be on. I believe the soul lives on forever, and we are here in this lifetime to learn and grow. We take these lessons with us into our next lifetime. These physical bodies in which we reside in are just a tiny portion of our overall selves.

If you were to just sit in silence for 5 minutes and observe, what would you notice? We tend to focus on the tangible because that’s quantifiable, but this journey within allows us to peal away the layers of what we feel to what lies deep within, and perhaps it’s something super relevant or something from a past lifetime. We must remain open. Think head to toe, right to left, inside to out. What do you feel and where? Our left side carries our feminine qualities. Our right side dominates our masculine qualities. The front side of our bodies is where we give. The backside of our bodies is where and how we receive. We feel everything – mind, body and spirit, and when we identify with the centers of spiritual power (chakras) in the human body, we can draw a deeper level of awareness to understanding the why of our pain and emotions.

 Our chakra system is composed of 7 identifiable energy centers.

  • First Chakra (Root)
    • Energy Location: Base of spine
    • Keywords: Survival, Grounding, Safety, Basic Needs
    • Body Parts: Legs, Bones, Feet, Rectum, Colon, Adrenal glands, Kidneys
  • Second Chakra (Sacral)
    • Energy Location: Above the pubic bone and below the navel
    • Keywords: Desire, Creative Expression, Give/Nurture, Emotions
    • Body Parts: Ovaries, Testicles, Kidneys, Uterus, Lymphatic system
  • Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)
    • Energy Location: Abdomen
    • Keywords: Confidence, Willpower, Ego, Sense of Self, Vitality
    • Body Parts: Digestive System, Pancreas, Metabolism, Kidneys, Liver, Adrenals
  • Fourth Chakra (Heart)
    • Energy Location: Center of Chest
    • Keywords: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding
    • Body Parts: Heart, Blood Circulation, Lungs, Breasts, Lymphatic System
  • Fifth Chakra (Throat)
    • Energy Location: Throat
    • Keywords: Creativity, Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication, Listening, Connection
    • Body Parts: Throat, Mouth, Tongue, Thyroid, Jaw, Neck
  • Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)
    • Energy Location: Between eyebrows and forehead
    • Keywords: Perception, Intuition, Inner Knowledge
    • Body Parts: Pituitary Gland, Eyes, Ears, Head, Pineal Gland, Bran
  • Seventh Chakra (Crown)
    • Energy Location: Top of Head
    • Keywords: Connection to Divine, Self-Realization, Cosmic Unity
    • Body Parts: Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, Upper Part

To build the most in-tune connection with our divine self, we have to get quiet and still, allowing any barriers to fall away. When we meditate, we dive deep and focus on ourselves. Once we discover the source of our pain or discomfort, we must journal, which helps us find clarity. We recite personal mantras that bring us back into this moment and the bigger picture.

And when we come back to what we felt in conjunction to our chakra system: Perhaps that mid back on pain on the left side of your body you were feeling is due to a lack of love you are receiving from someone in your life?

It’s not a perfect science, and it takes a lot of work continuously. Stay open in the process, and allow the magic to come in.

Be curious,