The Beginner's Guide to a Cleanse

The Beginner's Guide to a Cleanse

The mind and body connection has long been talked about but not always understood. Let’s take this in terms of the mind and the gut specifically. It is said that the gut is the second brain. When you consume food, ask yourself: is it because your stomach is actually hungry, or is it because there is something in front of you that your mind thinks looks tasty? We tend to eat and overeat simply because of the latter. There are new restaurants that are constantly emerging, and thus, we create lifestyles around consuming as a routine and not always consciously.

Your gut and brain are connected through neurotransmitters, which in the brain control feelings and emotions. At the same time, a large portion of serotonin is produced in the gut as well as another neurotransmitter that helps control feelings of fear and anxiety. These microbes play an important role in your immune system and inflammation by controlling what is passed into the body and what is pushed out.

Believe it or not, a large portion of people we know have digestive issues be it an auto-immune disorder, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, IBS, lyme… you name it, but unfortunately, we aren’t always in tune with what’s happening beneath the tangible layer. Over 80% of Americans have digestive issues, so know that you aren’t alone.

Our gut lining regenerates itself every 6 days, so infusing the body with nutrients to support that transition and help in the repair is necessary. We hear the word “cleanse” thrown around quite a bit. Some thoughts that immediately come to me (and maybe you too) are: juice, high in sugar, liquid, starving. In this case, we support the word “liquid” as it gives the body a rest, so it can absorb the nutrients without having to work so hard to break it down. This is necessary in the healing process.

Not your average juice cleanse...

Our “cleanse” (although we prefer the word “Reset”) is designed with your healing in mind. In fact, our Founder created this business out of a necessity to take ownership of her health. The OWL Reset is a combination of three hemp-based Mylkshakes and three Broth Elixirs. You consume 16oz of each daily, which is giving your body around 1200 calories and 40g of protein.

Now here’s the real kicker... you can eat on this program! We suggest supplementing with easily digestible foods like cooked greens, steamed squash, avocado and lean protein. Our program is inspired by Ayurveda and Chronobiology and is designed to heal the gut. It is packed with medicinal herbs and superfoods that restore and repair the gut wall, increase digestive fire, reduce inflammation and draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body. This experience is nourishing rather than depleting. 

Our valued clients rave about our Reset Cleanse Program and how it’s able to clear up your skin, illuminating the glow within and deciphering the difference between true hunger versus habitual consumption. Take a peak at our reviews here.

We also offer a variety of Nutritional Health Coaching services. Our team of licensed and experienced experts will help you discover the lifestyle and dietary factors affecting your health. Together you and your coach will find a customized approach to your ultimate wellness transformation. You can book a fifteen minute call with any of our coaches to determine which pathway is best for you.

So…when will you decide to take your health into your own hands? We are here and waiting to support you as you embark on your healing journey.

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