Can You Say Yes With Joy?

We are all rooted in busy lives, buzzing from one place to another, putting others before ourselves, sacrificing our health for to do lists and social outings, cramming every possible thing in every single minute of our day. It’s a bit neurotic. I even find that when I get home, I can’t sit still. I practically make a mess just so I can clean it. Anyone else? It feels satisfying to cross things off a list, but isn’t it possible to create contentment in stillness? What is with our need to constantly be moving? It is exhausting!

Somehow I manage to run my life like this until I fall into a million pieces, and then I pick myself back up again only to repeat these cycles. They say a lesson will keep showing up until you learn from it.

One of the goals I’ve been working towards is creating boundaries. Separating from my phone, my email, my work, other people and rather building a foundation of balance. I can show up for everyone else, but if I’m not showing up for myself, what’s the point? When asked of something from you, I want you to think to yourself: “Can I say yes with joy?” If the answer is no, seek to understand why. If you simply don’t have time, that’s ok. If you have time and don’t want to do it but feel guilty, maybe you can offer someof your time. My innate response is usually yes even if it means sacrificing what I need, you too? I’m sure I’m not alone on this one. There is this juxtaposition to wanting to be helpful versus helping because you feel obligated.

I empower you to step up to the plate and help others if that resonates, but you must also stand in your power and honor what YOU need. It is not selfish to put you first.

Keep shining!



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