OWL’s Gut Sweep Supplement: Support for Your Digestion

OWL Gut Sweep

In the United States, the strain on our gastrointestinal tracts is evident in the amount of hospital visits, deaths, and costs due to complications attributed to digestive diseases1. The most common conditions reported by Americans include heartburn and acid reflux, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. These conditions, if left unchecked, can lead to issues related to your digestive system, specifically liver disease and pancreatic disease.

But surprisingly, studies show that most people don’t seek out solutions to these conditions1 - probably because they are so common and many people consider them to be part of life. This might not come as a surprise to you if you’ve jumped on the health train and are painfully aware of how damaging the western diet can be on a person's body. The overwhelming presence of refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, and other gut health no-no’s (along with the lack of fruits and vegetables harvested from healthy soil and sustainable farming practices) only contribute to the increase of these statistics on digestive diseases.

However, even if you do everything you can to maintain a healthy gut, you might still suffer from food sensitivities and intolerances (ex. nightshades, onions, garlic, gluten) that are the underlying causes of the same symptoms caused by a diet lacking in proper nutrition. This doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong when it comes to minding the health of your body. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of help.

As humans, we share an earth with some superbly helpful and healing plants and herbs that nature provides us. It’s a symbiotic relationship that flourishes when we recognize and understand the hidden treasures used for thousands of years by humans just like us, seeking solutions to the same ailments that we deal with today. That’s why we put our heads together to find the best ingredients to blend into a natural remedy to digestive issues and stomach discomfort.

Gut Sweep

As the name implies, our new herbal supplement is designed to be a gentle and soothing way to clear out your digestive tract. Gut Sweep is an organic, all-natural alternative to fiber powder with the added benefits of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of its ingredients. Not only does it help with elimination, it also soothes the lining of your intestines and digestive tract to help alleviate the symptoms of conditions like IBS.

Let’s take a closer look at the healing ingredients included in our herbal blend.


Gut Sweep Ingredients

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice has long been used as a treatment for digestive issues including diarrhea and constipation. Both of these symptoms are common in relation to Irritable Bowel Syndrome along with cramping, abdominal pain, and boating. Because the inside of aloe leaves are rich in healing compounds that treat inflammation, many natural remedies for inflammation in the digestive tract involve aloe vera juice. This is the cause of the soothing effect on IBS symptoms associated with consuming aloe vera juice2.

More importantly, the solid layer between the pulp of the aloe leaf and the tough, outside skin, also known as the latex of the plant, contains a substance called anthraquinones. A common use for this plant compound is as a laxative for constipation. That’s because anthraquinones have the ability to increase the amount of fluids in your colon and can stimulate contractions as well3.

Organic Marshmallow Root

Native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, marshmallow root is an ancient remedy frequently used for the treatment of digestive, skin, and respiratory illnesses. Constipation is the main digestive concern that marshmallow root addresses, but can also alleviate heartburn and colic in the intestines.

Research shows that the marshmallow flower had powerful effects on gastric ulcers in mice after a month of consistent consumption4. Still more research proves the healing effects of marshmallow root on gut lining. One study proved the anti-inflammatory effects of this plant on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. Scientists concluded that the consistency of marshmallow root creates a protective barrier on the lining of the digestive tract. It also demonstrated the potential to stimulate cell regrowth to support the regeneration of damaged tissue5.

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm is native to the eastern United States and Ontario, Canada. The use of the inner bark was a Native American remedy to sore throats, fevers, and small wounds.

This is because of the a soothing anti-inflammatory effect slippery elm has on various tissues, including intestinal tissue. Studies show positive effects of slippery elm on patients with Crohn's Disease, IBD, IBS, and ulcerative colitis6.

Much like aloe vera and marshmallow root, the substance derived from this tree is plant mucilage, meaning it forms a protective barrier along the stomach lining and intestines. This acts as a soothing treatment and anti-inflammatory for digestive issues, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


OWL Reset Cleanse


The OWL Reset Cleanse & More

When you're cleansing with one of our programs, the goal is to detox, rest, and repair. Gut Sweep is an excellent enhancement for anyone looking for a deeper, more complete experience.

If you’re simply looking for relief for constant gut discomfort, Gut Sweep can serve as a go-to for easing your symptoms. Get your gut moving while soothing your inflammation and irritation. Whatever your health needs are, OWL has the all-natural and organic solution you've been searching for.

Elevate Your Gut

Don't fall for the widely accepted belief that digestive issues are part of the human condition. Finding out if your symptoms are part of a bigger picture is crucial to choosing the next steps in your wellness journey. Listen carefully to the signals your body sends to you so that you can provide proper care and attention to its needs. Doing so can have a magnifying effect on your overall wellness and quality of life.


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