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OWL Liver Boost: What You Need to Know

The Purpose of Your Liver

Your liver is an impressive organ that performs such a large number of functions to keep your body in operation, that it deserves an award. A healthy, high functioning liver has several main jobs. One is to break down your food to turn into fat or proteins that your body uses as fuel for energy output. Another is to extract vitamins, minerals, and energy from the food you eat to nourish your body and keep you feeling stellar. And one very important duty your liver takes on is to remove toxins and build up from your bloodstream.

So, how does your liver perform so many miraculous tasks day after day? It is in a constant state of receiving blood laden with nutrients from your digestive system through your portal vein. The receiving cells in your liver are called hepatocytes. These cells are the mechanisms that filter your blood. It’s in your liver that all the unhealthy no-no’s are removed from your bloodstream and exit your body by way of your bladder. The toxic byproduct of protein called ammonia is one common toxin that your liver eliminates from your body.

Liver Conditions

Your liver also produces a large sum of bile that travels to your small intestine to help break down fats. If this process gets held up in any way, it can lead to an excessive build up of fat in your liver. This is a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Other liver issues include:

  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C - leads to liver inflammation
  • Liver inflammation - leads to excess scar tissue
  • Cirrhosis of the liver (a build up of scar tissue)
  • Liver cancer

Needless to say, your liver health is crucial to your wellbeing and therefore deserves plenty of attention and care. That’s why we created an herbal supplement designed specifically to protect your body’s largest solid organ from damage, as well as support its natural functions.


Liver Boost

OWLS’s Liver Boost supplement is meant to enhance the detox and cleansing process of the OWL Reset Cleanse. But, proper care for your liver is important no matter what stage of life you’re in, meaning this is a supplement that can support the health of your body and its systems even if you’re not looking to start one of our Reset Cleanses. So, what’s inside Liver Boost and how does each ingredient support your liver functions?


There are several active antioxidants present in Liver Boost. Why are antioxidants important to the function of your liver? Because oxidative stress damages your cells, including the ones that make up your liver and that filter toxins out of your blood. The following herbs are our choice of natural antioxidants that you’ll find in our blend.

Burdock Root & Nettle Leaf

Burdock root is a well known antioxidant that also fights inflammation1. Research found that this plant contains active ingredients in its root system that has the potential to remove toxins from your bloodstream2. A popular vegetable root in China and Japan, burdock root tea is a common treatment for inflammatory disorders, including hepatitis3. One study shows the ability of burdock to specifically target liver cancer growth4.

Studies involving the effects of nettle leaf effects on liver health show a promising ability of this plant to protect your liver against damage caused by toxins, inflammation, and heavy metals. Nettle leaves, animal research shows, enhance the production of GSH (a potent, natural antioxidant in your body) levels in several organs, including the liver5.

Ginger Root

Ginger plays an active role in suppressing the development of liver cancer and protects the liver from cancer causing carcinogens. Ginger is known more commonly for its anti-inflammatory properties which, as we read above, helps with overall liver health. It can also increase the antioxidant enzymes in liver tissue, protecting it from the oxidative stress of free radicals6.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs

Yellow Dock Root & Oregon Grape Root

Boasting thousands of years of use in TCM practices, yellow dock root is an antioxidant that works against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, including within the liver tissue. Regular consumption can stimulate the liver detox process and produce more bile to transport to your intestines to help break down fats. Yellow dock root is also common in TCM for treating jaundice, a condition caused by blockage of the bile duct and liver disease.

Much like Yellow dock, Oregon grape root’s compounds contain properties that help stimulate the function of your liver, clean your blood, and support a healthy flow of bile into your intestines. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses this herb to address congestion in the liver and to treat stomach and intestinal issues. It's possible that Oregon grape root can also help treat Hepatitis, but scientists are still conducting research on this claim.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root contains powerful bioactive compounds including chlorogenic acid and taraxasterol that can help protect your liver from oxidative stress, especially when your liver suffers damage and is in a vulnerable state. It can also reduce the build up of excess fat cells in liver tissue by increasing the metabolism of fat within the liver7, and therefore help prevent the development of fatty liver disease.


OWL Reset and Liver Boost


Cleanse & Detox

A healthy, robust liver is the key to unlocking an elevated state of wellness. If you’re considering any of our Reset Cleanses and are also looking for a deeper, more complete impact on your internal health, then Liver Boost is your go-to cleanse companion. If you’re searching for a new way to enhance or begin your health journey, then Liver Boost is the perfect herbal supplement to help you meet your wellness goals. Either way, your health is what you make it. If you’re ready to commit one hundred percent to loving your body in every possible way, we are here to walk with you.


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