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Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

In a year that keeps throwing curveballs, there is one thing that remains constant and steadfast. Nature. The world keeps turning, we continue growing, and patterns of the earth endure. Each year brings with it the four changes of season and four chances for taking advantage of new beginnings. The Autumnal Equinox is the ideal time to reap the rewards of your intentions and actions set into motion at the Summer Solstice. This is the time to reflect on what you’ve been able to accomplish and to practice gratitude for everything that has manifested and brought depth to your life.

It’s completely okay if you were or still are swept up in the chaos that has been this year; we’re only human after all. But if you find yourself needing to hit a reset button, we’ve got your back. Take a few minutes to walk with us as we guide you through some soothing grounding rituals to practice during the Fall and Winter seasons. We want to help you sift through the noise, find your center, and restore balance to you and your life. Consider ways to put the following suggestions into practice.

Fall Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul


When the days get a little colder and the stars appear a little earlier, it’s the earth’s way of signaling the ripening and reaping of the fruits of the summer sun. Traditionally, many cultures take the time to savor the bounty of the summer and celebrate the end of a long harvest season. This is also why we typically decorate our homes with elements that are representative of autumn.

Creating warming meals with seasonal foods of winter is the perfect way to ground yourself during this time of year. You can take a peek at our Winter Seasonal Shopping Guide to get an idea of what fruits and veggies are good for roasting, stewing, and baking at this time of year. And if you need recipe inspo, check out our new 7 Day Winter Plan.


Shop your local farmer’s market for your preferred spring flowers. Prepare your garden or a pot of soil and make ready your bulbs for planting. Then think up a list of intentions you want to manifest during the fall and winter months. As each bulb goes into the soil, state out loud one intention that you want to pull energy from the earth as they sleep in darkness. When the first sprouts shoot up from the ground you’ll remember to check in with yourself and your goals.

Fall Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul


A tree’s leaves change colors as summer fades to fall and the tree sheds what is no longer healthy or beneficial. As humans, we go through seasons for shedding and rebirth as well. Take some time to shed your leaves just like the tree. Go out into nature, smell the crisp Autumn air, listen to the peace of wildlife preparing for winter.

Take off your shoes and dig your feet into the dirt, wiggle your toes. Or place your entire body on the ground making contact with as many parts of you as possible. Allow the earth to cradle you as you absorb earth’s energy, soften your body, and let go of energies that no longer serve you. Just as you approach meditation and yoga with intention and a clear mind, so you must approach earthing. Regard the earth with reverence and honor its abundance and it will aid you in restoring your natural balance and rhythms.


In harmony with shedding from our lives unnecessary thoughts or feelings, such is the need to break free from unnecessary objects. You’ve heard of and probably participated in Spring Cleaning, but Fall Cleaning is where it’s at. Now is the best time to rid your home of items that no longer bring you joy, aren’t useful, or that you associate with bad energy.

Freeing yourself from these objects will clear your mind and refresh your energies throughout your home and your life. Consider donating old clothes, throwing out junk mail, and giving away items that no longer serve you. This creates space for things that calm and ground you such as fall blooming flowers or candles with autumn scents.

Fall Grounding Rituals to Clear Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul


Journaling can be a very cathartic and grounding practice for letting go of negative energies. It can help you work through your thoughts and feelings on your own to figure out where you are and what you want to do next. Ask yourself how your work-life balance is panning out. Do you say ‘yes’ too much? Are you overcommitted? Are you caring for yourself the way you deserve?

Other questions to ask yourself: How do you contribute to the world? How do you receive from the world? Are these two aspects in balance, or does one side need more attention? Find the harmony between giving and receiving, activity and resting, social time and alone time. Help bring into your life more balance and mental clarity during a time of renewal.


Fall is the time that many American give thanks for what has manifested in their lives throughout the year. Taking a moment to step back and absorb all of the blessings in your life is an incredibly humbling action. Practicing gratitude and acknowledging the universe’s bounty is one of the simplest ways to ground yourself.

But, you can practice intentional grounding by really digging into what you're grateful for by actually writing down a few well meaning thoughts and intentions. First, write about your life’s gifts that you recognize have made their way to you. Then, write down the abundance you envision for the goals that have begun the process of manifesting. And finally, write out new goals and what small actions you can take toward seeing these goals play out in your life.

Once you’ve allowed these thoughts to flow through you completely onto paper, speak them out loud and into the universe. Speak humbly and with intention, feel peace radiate from you knowing that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

There Is Only One You

When you put your physical, mental, and spiritual well being first, you are able to let the beauty of your life flow into others. Accumulating simple steps to center ourselves can make the greatest impact in raising our vibrations and allowing for better opportunities to step into our own power. Connect with the universe and the universe will have your back. Everything that is meant to come to you will come. You need only to reclaim yourself.

Julie Weller

Julie is a self-made writer on a forever journey of fitness and health. As a high school music teacher, she has seen and experienced the challenges of maintaining good health while simultaneously balancing a career and healthy relationships.

Julie has always lived a healthy and active lifestyle. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and camping. Over the years she has continued to learn smarter and better ways to take care of her body while continuing to do the things that make her smile. Naturally, all of her teacher friends wanted to know how she did it - what was her secret?

Julie found herself explaining over and over everything she'd learned in her research, and sharing her experiences through trial and error. Her friends would take her advice, try some new things, and then come back to ask how to take it to the next level.

"You should charge for this kind of information!" Became a constant phrase, and so began her career of writing to share her knowledge with the world through health and wellness companies looking to spread healing and healthy habits within their communities. Now Julie gets to combine two of the things she enjoys most - writing and wellness - and use them to affect change in a real way.

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