Organic, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised: Why Our Bones are the Best!

Along with all the medicinal herbs we pack into our bone broth elixirs, a primary key
ingredient is bones. But not just any bones.  We are dedicated to using only the best bones in our bone broth elixirs.

What makes bone broth such a powerful part of our diet is its gelatin that seals the gut, glucosamine that aids in joint support, collagen that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails, and magnesium that strengthens bones.

However, not all bone broths are created equal.

Broths made with bones that aren’t organic, grass-finished, and pasture-raised have a lower concentration of the nutrients we need to improve our health.

At OWL Venice, we don’t believe in cutting corners or skimping on quality. This is why all of our bone broth elixirs are made with only the best ingredients, regardless of cost or convenience.

The Difference Between Organic, Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, and Pasture-Raised.

Why Buy Organic Bone Broth

We only use bones that are organic in our bone broth elixirs. Bones and bone marrow easily absorb any toxins introduced into the system, meaning any broths made with inorganic bones are likely to contain pesticides, insecticides, lead, and growth stimulating hormones. Gross!

Why Buy Grass-Finished Bone Broth

In addition to organic bones, we also only use grass-finished bones for our bone broth elixirs. Grass-fed without grass-finished isn’t good enough. Why? Because the quality of an animal product is only as good as the diet the animal is raised on.

Grass-Fed Vs. Grain-Fed 🌾

It’s essential that cows are raised on a natural diet of grass and other plants. A diet of greens offers all the nutrients a healthy cow needs, resulting in highly nutritious beef.

Cows fed on a diet of grain, soy, and corn are weaned from their mother early and kept in confined spaces, which results in stress, high hormone levels, and elevated cortisol levels. These cows grow quickly, yielding a higher amount of meat with a more elevated fat content.

Grass-Fed Vs. Grass-Finished 🌱

So what’s the difference between grass-fed and grass-finished? It’s simply, really. Grass-fed simply means that a cow was fed a diet of greenery at one point in its life. Grass-finished means the cow was fed nothing but grass and plants it’s entire life. So if you’re looking for the best, nothing less than grass-finished will do.

Why Buy Pasture-Raised Bone Broth

Let’s back-track a little to what we said about grain-fed cows being kept in inhumane conditions. While this is always the sad reality for grain-fed cows, grass-fed cows can also be fed in confinement. This is why it’s important to purchase products that are both grass-finished and pasture-raised. This will ensure you’re consuming meat products derived from the happiest, healthiest, and most nutritious animals.

By keeping this in mind the next time you’re standing in the meat section of the grocery store, you have the power to positively impact our world and your entire being. With each bone broth elixir you purchase, you are supporting sustainable farms that understand the importance of ethical food production and proper nutrition. 🙌

In health, 

The OWL Family

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