Why Choose OWL Venice? Here’s What Makes Us Different.

In a culture saturated with wellness tips and tricks, how do you know who to trust? At OWL Venice, we’ve spent years creating the most nutritious recipes and sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Here’s a rundown of what makes us different:

1. We only use the highest quality bones.

Before GMOs, growth stimulants, and factory farming became the norm in the food production industry, our diets relied on small, sustainable farms that were good for the environment and produced food that was good for our bodies. 

At OWL Venice, it’s our privilege to support farmers who honor our land and create products that heal our customers. This is why we only use animal bones that are organic, grass fed and finished, and pasture raised.

This means all of our bones come from animals that were not exposed to harmful toxins like pesticides, insecticides, lead and growth hormones. In addition, the farms where we source our bones provide happy, healthy lives for their animals. They are fed a natural diet and given the freedom to roam, resulting in nutritious, lean meat.

2. We source our ingredients locally.

By shopping with local farmers markets the produce we use is fresher, organic, non-GMO, and more nutrient dense, making out bone broth elixirs and mylkshakes healthier and more delicious. 

It’s our honor to support small farmers who produce food the way nature intended. The farms where we source our ingredients don’t use toxic chemicals or cut corners when it comes to quality. They produce less fossil fuels and emit less waste than factory farms, so the food they cultivate is not only better for our bodies, it’s better for the environment. 

3. We simmer our bone broth elixirs for 24 hours.

A bone broth that simmers for less than 24 hours isn’t good enough for us. Why? Because the longer bones simmer, the more they release nutrients and flavor. It’s our goal to create a product that offers the best taste and maximum benefits so a long simmering session is a key step in our process.

4. We pressure can.

Pressuring canning. You know, that thing grandma used to do.
This method of packaging tightly seals our bone broth jars and kills and microorganisms that can cause illness or spoil our product. As a result, our broth elixirs have a 6-month shelf life before being opened.

5. We infuse our products with medicinal herbs.

When you’re drinking one of our bone broth elixirs or mylkshakes, you’re sipping on a delicious concoction of healing herbs. Thanks to herbs like lavender, fennell, parsley, and rosemary, our products reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and aid in digestion. Not only that, the herbs we use in our bone broth elixir makes it taste more like a tea than a traditional stock, so it’s perfect for sipping straight from the jar.

6. We care more about sustainability than expansion.

We are honored to have our products on the shelves of local grocers like Lassens and Erewhon, and while we strive to positively impact the health of people across the country, our focus is always on sustainability. 

This is why we choose to shop locally and are committed to using sustainable packaging that can be reused and recycled.

7. We handcraft all of our products.

When you purchase our bone broth elixirs, mylkshakes, and skincare line, you can rest assured that each product was handcrafted with intention. We treat our employees like family and work closely with them throughout each step of production to ensure everything we make is of the highest quality and infused with love.

Thank you for choosing us to join you on your healing journey.

In health,
The OWL Family

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