Why We Shop Local + Our Favorite LA Makers

If you’ve been a part of the OWL family for awhile now, you already know the reasons why we choose to source our ingredients locally. (If not, click here.) But what you may not know is that we also strive to shop locally in all areas of our lives.

While many of us have heard the urgings to support small businesses, few have taken the time to truly understand why it’s so impactful on our community, environment, and future. But it’s the reasons why we choose to shop local that motivate us the most. Here are just some of the top benefits that come from supporting small businesses:


1. It's personal.

There’s nothing quite like buying a product from the individual who grew/made/sourced it. Whether you are shopping for produce, home goods, or vintage clothing, you will find more meaning in the items you purchase when you know where it came from. (Not to mention the customer service is WAY better!)

2. It’s better for the environment.

Shopping locally often requires less transportation, which means less pollution, traffic congestion, resource deprivation, and habitat loss. Have you ever thought about how far goods have to travel before they reach our city’s major grocery stores and shopping malls? By shopping local, you’ll not only reduce the negative effect of transporting goods, you’ll be supporting local markets that are friendlier to your city’s walking score.

3. It supports our community.

Shopping locally has the power to transform your community! Along with supporting makers in your area, you’ll create more jobs, promote future growth, and support non-profits. Even more, the money you pay local businesses for their products/services will then be funnelled back in to your community through small business tax dollars.

4. It makes our voices matter.

Because small businesses rely on their consumers support to thrive, you have more leverage with your purchases when you shop local. By supporting makers in your area, your values and desires will be better represented. This will promote an atmosphere of understanding, support, and community.


When mapping out our dreams for the OWL HQ, working with local makers was at the top of our list. To make our vision come to life, we’ve sourced goods from Los Angeles-based businesses that we are proud to support!

We’re stocking our shelves and they’re lookin’ good… real good. Here’s a sneak peek of the all locally-made goodness you’ll find at the OWL HQ.

Studio Mandana.

If you like woven textiles as much as we do, you’re guaranteed to love Studio Mandana. We’ve been heart-eyed over her pillows and cushions for months and we are proud to say we’ll be stocking her 100% cotton meditation pillows at OWL! These handcrafted beauties have proven to be the perfect complement to a daily meditation ritual and keep inspiring us to come back.


We are completely over the moon for Apothenne (and it’s not just because of their triangular logo! 😉) This Los Angeles-based company makes 100% natural, soy, non-GMO candles that are so amazing we had a hard time choosing which scents to carry. We’ve narrowed it down to three… but you’ll have to stop in to find out which ones we chose!

Patrick Johnston.

Venice Local and owner of The Temple of Mediclayton, Patrick Johnston, has been passionate about ceramics his whole life, and we are thrilled to stock his jaw-dropping creations in our shop. Patrick’s cups and dinnerware have been featured in Dwell and are used by many local restaurants (Auburn and The Rose — to name a couple). Snag some for yourself before they fly off our shelves!

Born on Sunset.

What’s that you say? More ceramics?? You got it! If you know us at all, you probably know we can’t seem to collect enough handcrafted mugs. We want to make sure your kitchen is well stocked so we’ve brought in some ever-so-lovely pieces by Alli of Born on Sunset. Her creations are guaranteed to add some sunshine to your home and make your broth even more grammable.

Royal Ghee.

Our shop wouldn’t be complete without Royal Ghee products on the shelves. Why? Because this Ayurvedic clarified butter is the perfect addition to our bone broth elixirs. Each morning, we like to a spoonful of Royal Ghee to our warm mug of broth for added nutrition, energy, and flavor. Grab a jar next time you pick up your broth order and give this delicious combo a try!


It’s our honor to share the OWL HQ with makers in our community. Come support small businesses at our opening party!

Have you marked your calendars yet?

Here’s that info one more time:
July 13, 2019
3pm - 7pm
1613 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA, 90291

This is gonna be awesome!

In health,
The OWL Family