Meet Our Source: Buy Ranch Direct

We are more consciously consuming individuals than we have ever been before, yet sometimes, we become so hyper-focused on the branding a package has and whether it reads organic or not, that we make a quick judgment on the contents within. Who’s with me? I know I’m definitely guilty of this!

If you take a minute to pause and think about all the many hands your food has gone through to get to where it is now, if you’re like me, I bet maybe you would think twice about what you are consuming. We are a company rooted in health, so it is important that we deliver on that always and educate each other on the common misconceptions in the industry.

We locally source all of our bones from a family owned and operated farm called Buy Ranch Direct, where all of the animals are 100% grass fed, no hormones nor antibiotics, and they are humanely raised. Buy Ranch operates in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is family-owned. Because they do not package in an organic facility, you will not see an organic label on our packaging, but rest assured, that doesn’t take away any of their credibility.

After much research, we have found these organic labels to be quite expensive for a small family run business, where the quality actually exceeds many larger companies that offer the organic label. It is quite common to find many of the smaller farms you see at the markets are not organic certified, though they follow organic farming methods. It’s not so black and white. We have looked into USDA organic bones, and while the price was much lower, we opted to maintain integrity and continuing purchasing our bones from Buy Ranch as we are confident their animals were raised in an ethical and loving environment, with high quality food and life. With that, we believe that we are bringing you that same quality to heal. As a company that prides its self on sustainability and creating a product infused with love, sourcing the highest quality ingredients available is more important to us than any organic label would read.

Our mission is to align ourselves with like-minded individuals who want to work with us to help spread our movement as well as our partners who believe in what we do. We truly believe that the energy everyone brings to the table can either progress us forward into growth or hold us back.

We are one.

Stay informed,


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