What is Chronobiology?

Chronobiology examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar and lunar related rhythms. These cycles are known as biological rhythms.  All of our products, both our broth elixirs and mylkshakes, have been intentionally curated with Chronobiology in mind, so you are consuming specific foods at ideal times of day to ensure optimal digestion. The term Chronobiology often gets thrown around without total knowledge of what it means, so let’s take a look at with more detail.

Our body thrives when it takes in valuable substances at very specific times of the day. We are often exposed to everyday stress, environmental toxins and metabolic disorders that even people with a healthy diet may experience nutritional deficiencies. There is no perfect science on how to fuel your body in order for it to perform at its optimal level because we believe that it is an intuitive process; however, we do strongly believe in the research behind Chronobiology and how it can aid you in having prime digestion and absorption of nutrients.

As RJ Nelson explains in An Introduction to Behavioral Endocrinology:

The variations of the timing and duration of biological activity in living organisms occur for many essential biological processes. These occur in animals (eating, sleeping, mating, hibernating, migration, cellular regeneration, etc.) as well as in plants (leaf movements, photosynthetic reasons, etc.) and in microbial organisms such as fungi and protozoa. […] The most important rhythm in chronobiology is the circadian rhythm, a roughly 24-hour cycle shown by physiological processes in all these organisms.

So what does this all mean to you in terms of our products and the consuming rituals in your life?

For our cleanse, which was specifically inspired by Chronobiology…

In the morning, you should consume your fruits and/or nuts and seeds along with small amounts of caffeine. Our Magic Matcha is the perfect solution because it’s easy on the adrenals yet filling and healing to the gut.

In the afternoon, you should aim to eat vegetables that grow above the ground along with land grazing animals. Our Golden Ginger is filled with kabocha squash and slippery elm, which help calm our digestive system, making this drink the perfect afternoon delight.

In the evening, focus on vegetables that grow under the ground and for protein: seafood and eggs. Our Bold Beet shake is very grounding. The perfect nightcap!

Because our broth elixirs are liquid, their nutrients will be absorbed with ease no matter what time of your day you consume them, but in the broader discussion around conscious consumption, here are a few tips of how to implement change in your eating patterns:
  • Take only what you need. Put yourself in the place of sourcing your own food. If you were out foraging for it, how much would you actually take for yourself?
  • Eat slowly and give time between your meals. Allow your body the chance to truly absorb the nutrients of what you just consumed.
  • Consider the adaptation to the solar and lunar related rhythms.
You are your best teacher, so take an extra breath and become the observer to how things you consume make you feel.

In awareness and healing,
The OWL Family