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Every member of our team is what allows us to share and spread our products with love and intention. Colin brings so much life to anyone he interacts with, and if you’re lucky, he’ll serenade you with some thoughtful creative content on the spot. Read below to get to know more about this delightful being...

What's your role with OWL and what inspires you about the company?
At OWL, I guess we call me the shipping manager, even if it does sound a bit formal for my style. And that is exactly what inspires me about the company…I have my own uniqueness about me, and OWL recognizes that and supports me to be the best version of myself with enough room to maintain my own 'style', my own self, and all the gifts that come with me. OWL wants me to offer my gifts beyond "shipping manager" and be a part of One Whole Life that includes all of us.

What are your favorite lyrics in the song you wrote about OWL?
"As long as a person is willing to commit, the return is infinite" and "One whole life to set my EVERYTHING free, and you got one whole person out of me"…I love these lines. They say to me: As long as you go in for it, you'll get what you need out of the work you put in, and you've got your whole entire life to work at it.

What fuels your desire to get out of the bed in the morning?
Everyday, I have more work to do crafting and sculpting my musical projects, so I can more consistently create opportunities to perform for all the peoples. I'm a class clown at heart, and I need to be able to clown around and show off. Fortunately, I feel very connected to the quality and content of the entertainment, which makes me proud to be what I am, a big ole flashy entertainer with a message. 

What are your passion projects?
Within the scope of music, my passion projects include story telling through concept albums, musicals, podcasts, multi-language recording projects…and a s*** ton more. I also have an interest in writing/developing educational material to support my role as a teacher of many things. I suppose we're all teachers and students, so, maybe that’s why my passion projects seem to lead me into "sponge" mode, where I learn more about myself and my resources through experimentation, as well as "pay it forward" mode, where I align to offer what I have and what I know for the interest of others. Music2Life Integration is a program I am developing and currently offer as a means to empower others to reclaim their right to live "musically".  Not everyone needs to call himself or herself a musician, but it is a truth that ‘music' is a part of each of us. 

What do you do to fill your cup up?
I have to find nature on my bare feet to really feel full. I also need a social atmosphere where I can take a break from being wrapped up in myself and connect with other people, friends, family, loved ones, cuddle puddles, jam sessions, tea ceremonies, etc. 
I also need some physical exercise in my life and a good sweat lodge. These things keep me, me.

What are you manifesting in your life right now?
I am currently manifesting all the different kinds of support to record, share, and perform my music to the people. I am also calling in an upgraded living situation where I can continue working on the many recording projects I wish to complete. The sooner I record my music, the sooner I can share it with everyone. Not that rushing the process would be good, but I need the space to continue what I've begun. Also, an angel investor might not be so bad. I hope to alleviate myself of debt and move forward clearly and uninhibited with my service and entertainment. 

What is the intention or mantra you are living by?
"I am getting stronger every single day, what may have slowed me down, quickly fades away" 
"Everything's gonna be alright.” [Bob Marley]

Which is your favorite broth elixir?
I like the beef broth when I'm in the mood for the animals. I also love the vegan broth, but I love them all a great deal.

How do you integrate bone broth into your daily routine?
Apart from labellin' it, wrappin' it, boxin' it, and shippin' it…as often as I can, I have a cup of hot broth nearby to sip on and keep my mind on "everything's gonna be alright" mode. All the better for my sanity. 

What's the best life advice you've been given?
I've heard a few good nuggets of life advice over the years…
"Don't go searching for the moments, but when one falls in your lap, milk it."
" In three years, you'll be ready " …Once in a dream, an angel in a band said this to me. I take it to mean, I might not ever feel ready RIGHT NOW....but in reality, if I'm never going to be really be ready RIGHT NOW...and in three years, if I keep working hard, I will be....then I might as well just BE IT NOW....because right now is the only moment that counts....duh. And guess what, in three years, you'll be three years wiser....and three years dumber than three years from then.....so what!

Tell us something we don't know about you!
Something that many don't know about me is that as a kid, I was really into sports, an all-star little league pitcher, soccer player, and in high school, I split my time between the jazz band and the golf team. It was an interesting experience to be playfully ridiculed by my golfing buddies for playing the flute. In my mind, the flute is way cooler than a putter any day. (:

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