In goop Health May 17-19 // Event in Los Angeles

Our biggest goal for 2019 was expansion. It was finding the right companies and people where our missions aligned, and we could help each other raise our vibration together. No one better than the other, but rather celebrating that each one of us has a powerful voice and message to share, so finding the right platform where we can do that has been pivotal.

We believe that the little things count, that good food is the foundation of love and wellness, that the mind/body/spirit are inextricably linked, and we have more control over our health than we currently understand. We believe in quality over quantity and making every choice count. Our mission has been one of healing from the inside out, knowing that how we care for our insides radiates into our outer worlds. From our vegan mineral and bone broth elixirs to our nutrient dense reset and organic skincare line, we have sought to create a brand that lives and breathes sustainability in what we consume to how we package.

GOOP has been a source of inspiration for us from the beginning, and when you pop over to their page and read about their story, you’ll see whyWe feel so aligned with their mission, and are excited to team up with them on their upcoming event in Los Angeles called “In goop Health” May 17-19. It is a wellness summit where Gwyneth Paltrow and her Chief Content Officer, Elise, will host panels and chats with cutting-edge doctors and scientists, thought leaders, and some of the women (and men) who are said to inspire them the most. Throughout the weekend, you can expect restorative workshops and classes for the spirit, for the body, for the mind and for the beauty. You can ebb and flow as you please, but it will no doubt help us to understand how our perceptions and beliefs hold us back, and how we can move them to tap into our full potential.

We will be in attendance and would love nothing more than to share this experience alongside you. Click here to save your spot and come find us for samples of our broths and shakes!