What Is Bone Broth?

If you’ve been keeping up with food trends and modern diets, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about bone broth once, twice, or even a hundred times.

Despite all the buzz surrounding bone broth, there are still many people who may not fully understand what bone broth actually is.

What is bone broth made of?

Bone broth is made by boiling animal bones and connective tissue for hours and then simmering with herbs and veggies for added flavor and nutrition.

We are often asked, ‘Is bone broth the same as stock?’, and the answer is NO. Stock isn’t simmered as long as broth, so it doesn’t contain the beneficial ingredients that aid in digestion and support the immune system.

OWL Venice offers Bone Broth Elixirs made with turkey, beef, bison, and chicken, as well as a vegan broth that is made with minerals rather than bones. Unlike most broths on the market, OWL broths are simmered for 24 hours and free of common allergens. Rather than using onion, garlic, and other inflammatory ingredients, we infuse our broths with medicinal herbs known to calm the stomach and aid in digestion. You can learn more about that here.

Why should I drink bone broth?

There are many reasons bone broth is beneficial, and the reasons different people choose to drink bone broth may not be the same!

One reason some people choose to drink bone broth is because it’s great for healing digestive issues. The gelatin in bone broth mimics the interior lining of the gut wall, so it effectively repairs the lining in the gut by sealing any holes.

As we age, bone broth will help sustain good physical health because the glucosamine in bone broth offers joint support, and its chondroitin sulfate has been proven to help prevent osteoarthritis.

Bone broth is also full of collagen, which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, and magnesium, which helps build healthy bones. While these benefits are great for everyone, they’re especially important for women who are pregnant.

While bone broth is ideal for those with specific health concerns, it has plenty of benefits for those looking to improve their overall well being. Bone broth is known to promote good sleep, support memory, improve brain function, build immunity, and reduce or eliminate symptoms of many autoimmune disorders. In addition, the protein in bone broth reduces the body’s need for meat, and its easily absorbed vitamins and minerals boost mood and overall energy.

Final Thoughts

The key to unlocking good health is understanding what your body needs and knowing the best ways to nourish it. The benefits of bone broth are available to everyone, and introducing them to your diet may be the secret to better digestion, stronger bones, and improved energy.

If you’re in search of a healthier lifestyle, give our bone broth elixirs or bone broth cleanse a try!

Our sampler pack includes four full-sized OWL Venice broths: vegan, chicken, turkey, and beef, and The OWL Reset Organic Cleanse Program, comprised of our bone broths and nutritional hemp Mylkshakes, is ideal for healing the gut and aiding in digestion.