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5 Reasons to Get Your Bone Broth On This Fall

What do you think of when you think of fall?

As soon as October arrives we find that our thoughts constantly drift to Halloween costumes, corn mazes, apple picking, chunky sweaters, and nights around the fire. Call us basic, but we can’t get enough of all that comes with autumn!

As soon as October arrives we find that our thoughts constantly drift to Halloween costumes, corn mazes, apple picking, chunky sweaters, and nights around the fire. Call us basic, but we can’t get enough of all that comes with autumn!

Even though we love all of our bone broth elixirs, we have to admit that autumn has us picking favorites. We can’t seem to stop reaching for turkey, bison, and beef lately! Our turkey bone broth has us dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner, while bison and beef offer an extra punch of flavor that’s helping us get through even the chilliest mornings.

As if a warm hug in a mug isn’t enough of an incentive to drink broth on the daily, it also gives our bodies all the nutrients they need to stay in tip top shape through cold and flu season.

5 Reasons to Drink Bone Broth This Fall

1. To relieve achy joints.

After an active summer of time spent at the beach, going on long hikes, taking bike rides, and enjoying the sunshine, some people find it hard to embrace the new season. Not only because of cooler temps, but because of the way their bodies respond to the shift in weather. For many, the change in barometric pressure that comes with fall and winter can trigger joint pain and arthritis.

Joint pain becomes more and more common as we age. Over time, the cartilage in our joints wears down making us less flexible and more prone to pain and injury. Fortunately, many studies show that consuming gelatin, a protein found in bone broth, can alleviate joint problems.

So as soon as you start to feel that all-too-familiar ache in your hips and knees, take it as a sign that it's time to place an order for your favorite bone broth elixirs.

2. To heal your gut.

Fall is the perfect time to rest and heal. Use this season as an opportunity to check in with your body and give it the R&R it needs to thrive.

If you spent your summer season dealing with brain fog, bloating, headaches, and fatigue, there’s a chance you may be experiencing Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). This occurs when the gut lining becomes permeable and bacteria is able to pass from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, resulting in a wide range of health issues.

Leaky gut is caused by a variety of issues including autoimmune disorders, stress, and poor nutrition. While recovering from leaky gut can take time, one of the best ways to promote healing is to consume foods rich in nutrients that repair the gut lining.

Bone broth contains gelatin and collagen, which are known to nourish the intestinal system and decreases permeability, making it the perfect daily drink to heal the gut and reduce the symptoms of LGS.

3. To reduce inflammation and improve digestion.

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely love the food that comes with the fall season. As soon as the leaves start changing, we crave squash, sweet potatoes, stews, and pumpkin pie. Now that we have the chance to enjoy delicious seasonal produce and our favorite autumnal treats, it would be a shame to spend the fall struggling with digestive issues.

One common reason why people suffer from indigestion is inflammation in the GI tract. Fortunately, glutamine, an amino acid found in bone broth, can help reduce inflammation. Because of this, drinking bone broth is an effective way to help your body digest food.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, bone broth also contains gelatin, which attracts and holds water. (This is why bone broth often develops a gel-like substance on the surface.) When consumed, gelatin also binds water in the intestinal tract, which helps the gut digest and pass food more easily.

4. To get better sleep.

With the onset of shorter days and cooler weather, fall is the perfect time to spend evenings at home and sleep in on the weekends. Make sure you’re getting the rest you need by picking up habits that promote better sleep.

Bone broth contains an amino acid called glycine that relaxes the brain and lowers the body’s core temperature. By consuming foods high in glycine before bed, you are more likely to fall asleep quickly, improve your sleep quality, and feel more rested the next day. Win, win, win!

5. To prevent and recover from illness.

If you can’t seem to make it through the last few months of the year without coming down with a cold or the flu, you better start taking preventative measures now! Drinking bone broth regularly is an effective way to boost the immune system because it’s full of amino acids that reduce inflammation and improve gut health.

While drinking bone broth can help prevent illness and infection, it doesn’t come with any guarantees. It’s always possible get sick — no matter how much bone broth you drink. However, the first signs of illness are all the more reason to continue drinking at least one big mug of broth a day. Bone broth provides the body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to rebuild stronger, healthier cells and recover from sickness and infections.

Final Thoughts

Once you experience all the health benefits bone broth has to offer, you’ll never want to go a day without it! By getting in the habit of reaching for a mug full of nutrients each morning, you’ll feel healthy, energized, and ready for all this spectacular season has to offer.


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