Tips on Surviving a Cleanse

Tips on Surviving a Cleanse

We are a society focused on easy, quick fixes, but have you ever realized how limiting this mentality is to achieving long term changes? We have allowed the words "weight loss" to trigger our subconscious that we need to "lose" something in order to feel better about ourselves, but instead the word "loss" implies that we will end up looking for it in due time. What if we simply just set out to take care of ourselves and live from a place of healthy choices and abundance?

There is no list of must-dos in order to "survive a cleanse" because at the end of the day, the intention of you embarking on a healing journey like this is to create long lasting change and healthy choices. Our "cleanse" which we prefer to call "a nutrient-dense Reset" is designed with your health in mind. Its approach is meant to relieve your digestive system for a few days from having to work so hard to break down the food you consume. Before choosing to go on an all liquid reset, it is imperative that you are clear with your intention. When we create clarity for what we seek, we start to build habits that support these goals.

A few things to keep in mind-


Learn the difference between actual hunger versus hunger simply from repeated actions and habits. If your body needs food, honor it with easily digestible foods. We encourage cooked greens, steamed squash, avocado and boiled chicken. Starvation in any form is detrimental to the body.


Set aside any distractions and be fully present in the moment. Give gratitude for the nutrients you are about to take in. This allows us to consume without stress, which allows your digestive system to function at its optimal level.


When we decide to "cleanse" our body, our daily activities, tiredness and energy levels can change. Find the surrender and use this time as an opportunity for reflection. Post cleanse, we suggest slowly adding back in foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, corn etc all separate of one another, so you can truly start to understand how the body reacts to what you put in it. This grants us the opportunity to create shifts in what we consume in order to feel our best.

Lastly, there is no such thing as failure. We all have different intentions for why we cleanse. Our struggles can feel lonely, but you are far from that. Have patience with the process. The more you can go inwards, the more you can live outwards.

In health & healing,
The OWL Fam