The Ritual of Cleansing: Purifying the Body From the Inside Out

Life is made up of a series of ebbs and flows. It is a mixed bag of emotions and
experiences. We go through what we deem to be pleasant and unpleasant situations and with that are feelings on both ends of the spectrum, which certainly takes a toll on our mind, body, emotion and energy.

I have a lot of “things” in my house, and yes, they all bring me joy; yet on occasion, you will see me moving things about just to instinctually return them back to their original homes. We are very intuitive beings, and this subconscious action is the result of an energetic flow being stagnant.

Just like we wash our clothes and dishes to take the dirt and grime off, so also our body and energies need cleansing. Everything – both animate and inanimate – is made up of energy, so when you touch something, imagine a string of energy from you to it. Even if you are no longer physically connected to that object in the moment, you’ve already exchanged energy and are still connected. So if we take this idea of energetic attachment, can you envision just how many lines of energy you have connected to you?

Much of what weighs us down doesn’t actually belong to us, so without a cleansing practice, we tend to hold on to it inevitably. Both daily cleansing and seasonal cleansing can be beneficial to your health, to your peace of mind and to the space in which you live or work.

I keep both sage and palo santo on hand. Sage will neutralize an environment, removing both positive and negative energies. Palo santo takes care of the negative energy. I also have selenite in my purse, car and closet to help break away my daily energy ties. I always start my shower cold to get rid of what belongs to others, and then turn it to hot, so what seeps deep in my skin is all my own. I cleanse my body with an all-liquid nutrient dense reset seasonally. I dust and sweep the floor often. I monitor my screen watching habits. I set intentions, ask for help, remove obstacles and pay attention to the stories I tell myself.

Cleansing your energies on a regular basis enhances your life. It helps tune your thought, emotion and energy with the larger cosmic energy making your life sparkling and radiant. What are your cleansing rituals? Comment below!

What’s mine is mine.
What’s yours is yours.

Happy cleansing!